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You come at the king, you best not miss. (Also Boardwalk Empire)

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on a whim, I bought the entire series of this show, maybe you've heard of it


now I'd heard the hype

it's been called the best show on television, the smartest show, maybe the best drama ever made

for once, I can say that without a doubt it's true

it's gritty, it's very realistic and has some of the most well-drawn and compelling characters I've ever seen


Omar alone could have an entire series to himself, a gay bad-ass who robs other drug dealers

but goddamn pretty much everyone on this show is incredible in their own ways

so let's talk about it

also, mark your spoilers, I'm only 3 episodes into season 3 and hopefully this thread'll convince others to pick it up

oh, and this show just started!


it's about prohibition in Atlantic City and it has basically every good actor in it ever, you should watch it

especially because of this man:


YaYa on


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