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I got 649 pokemon but a bitch ain't one

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Welcome to the world of POKEMON

Specifically, welcome to yet another pokemon thread!

What's new in the way of the long running franchise?


That's right! A whole new generation of pokemon, adding 150 or more new guys and a whole new region to the mix!

What's that? You haven't been paying attention to news for the past couple of months?

Here's a recap!

The new games, entitled pokemon Black and pokemon White, take place in the faraway region of Isshu, based off of our real life New York. Featuring a whole bunch of new pokemon, new battle types, and (at last) animated sprites, it promises to be pretty exciting.

It's already out in Japan, but it should hit the States in the Spring.

Info is continually being leaked from the major sites, but all of the new pokemon have been put up. Sadly, nintendo ordered all of the images taken down, so it might be difficult to see what they look like.

(Not Pictured Here-starters)


Welcome back to 100+ pages of discussion, complaining, and not being able to find anyone to battle.


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