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Milk comes in {chat}s

Mojo_JojoMojo_Jojo When life gives you your delicious lemonsRegistered User regular
edited November 2010 in Debate and/or Discourse
A Time Line Of Milk:

Since the dawn of time until the eighties, the glass bottle with a one-use lid reigned supreme.
It was a simpler time, when a man in a flatcap would leave milk on your doorstep and you didn't have to worry about the local kids either stealing it to buy crack, or putting meth in it.

Up till the early nineties, we dealt with cartons
It was a bleak time and the best we could hope for was some kind of handy built-in top to try and mitigate the inevitable mess.

And then, people realised that tops should screw, and the plastic bottle was born
The world became a better place, but soon it became clear this was incredibly wasteful. Largely due to local councils and their confusing rules for recycling milk bottles, which often ended in angry bin men strewing them across the road each Wednesday morn.

Welcome to the future!


And then you flood your whole damn kitchen with it.

Also, it is not for people who desire anything other than semi-skimmed, because you simply can't buy it in bags.

Mojo_Jojo on
Homogeneous distribution of your varieties of amuse-gueule


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