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Gift Ideas for nerdy artsy girls! (The gifting)

Toxin01Toxin01 Registered User regular
edited November 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
Well, christmas is right around the corner and I'm really at a loss on what to buy my girlfriend.

I've already got the next three installments of The Dresden Files on order from Amazon, but I don't really know what else to get her, since what we both love varies by a lot (mostly.)

She doesn't play many video games, but she does enjoy tabletop RPG's. She also doesn't have a Blu-ray player or a nice TV, so.

Things she likes, rated 1-5. I will also list examples of things she likes in the categories. I seriously have no idea how to buy gifts, I usually just get gift cards, but everyone told me that it would be to impersonal.
Painting (5)
Writing (4) (She reallllyyy loves calligraphy pens and writing poems and short stories.)
Tabletop RPGS (3) (Mostly 4th Edition DND and the Call of Cthulu tabletop)
Movies (4) (Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Toy Story 3, Kick Ass)
Reading (5) (Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Dresden Files, etc)

And lastly, she -loves- clothes from , but being a college kid working a minimum wage job, most of the stuff on that site are out of the question. But if anyone knows of a place that sells clothes similar to it for a less retarded amount, I'd love to know.

So H/A, help me be a decent gift-giver this christmas.

Toxin01 on
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