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We Could Go See The Boston Pops!

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PAX East is a three-day game festival for tabletop, videogame, and PC gamers. We call it a festival because in addition to dedicated tournaments and freeplay areas we've got nerdcore concerts, panel discussions, and an exhibitor hall filled with booths displaying the latest from top game publishers and developers. Even with all this amazing content the best part of PAX East is hanging out with other people who know their shit when it comes to games.

So I just found out that for Christmas, Tastypastry bought us tickets to this. I am extremely excited!! With two exclamation points! This will be our first PAX, even though I've been wanting to go for a long time. There is a forum for PAX but we are Social Entropy and other forums are beneath us. Also I am frightened of them.

Ok, so who here is going, what is the coolest thing to see, where are you staying etc.

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