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Social Entropy++: AWESOME POST in "Show me your pets", by Blankzilla

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Post: Show me your pets
Forum: Social Entropy++
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Posted by: Blankzilla
Original Content:
This is Socks.

I have known her since she was a newborn kitten. My horrible neighbors had far too many animals and didn't care for them. One of their cats had a litter and thus arrived Socks and her two siblings. One of them died shortly after and the other became a massive fat asshole of a cat. Socks was always very friendly but timid and would on rare occasions come visit me at the bus stop. They left her outside constantly and rarely fed her, so we would leave food out in our garage and on our front porch for her.

Finally, the asshole neighbors were evicted. They left two years ago and took the animals with them. Except for Socks. They left her behind. So for two years she essentially lived outside and slept and ate in our garage, far too scared to come inside.

I would pet her and feed her when she would let me and she slowly warmed to me. This fall there was a torrential downpour and she was soaked so I picked her up and brought her into my room. She slept happily and ate solid food.

Four months later she enters the house on her own, but will immediately run up to my room. She refuses to stay anywhere else. She will only sleep with me and will hide from everyone else. There is now a food and water bowl and a litter box by my bed. She stays with me for a good 4 nights a week usually, and is staying longer each time.

The best part?

She naturally decided that she would sleep in the sock drawer half of the time.

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