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[Parks & Recreation]: "The Computer Laughed at Me!"

TaramoorTaramoor Registered User regular

Parks and Recreation has finally returned to Thursday nights at 8:30pm on NBC.

Characters that matter:

Leslie Knope
Deputy Director of the Pawnee, Indiana department of Parks & Recreation. The eternal optimist, Leslie Knope thinks that government can do great things. Unfortunately, she oftens runs into obstacles in the form of reality and people who suck. She is played by Amy Poehler. At the end of Season 4 Leslie completed her run for a seat on the city council, narrowly defeating Paul Rudd.

Ann Perkins
Ann is a nurse who started the series dating Andy and complaining about a giant empty pit next to her house. Now she's dumped Andy and is Leslie's best friend, often partaking in shenanigans with her. She is played by Rashida Jones. At the end of Season 4 she had a job as Attorney General for Pawnee... or something. She now works in City Hall so she can be near Leslie for hijinx, but she's also dating Tom because life isn't fair.

Ron Swanson:
Speaking of canoes. Ron is the head of the Pawnee department of Parks and Recreation. Allow me to put it this way. Ron Swanson is so awesome that he can cut down a tree and carve an autoharp from its fallen trunk while simultaneously drinking enough Guinness to kill an ordinary, lesser man. He is also secretly a Jazz musician operating under the name Duke Silver. He is played by Nick Offerman who is, according to all reports, just as manly as the character he portrays. At the end of season 4, Ron remains exactly where he was when the season began, right down to the mustache.

Tom Haverford:
Tom is a selfish, sycophantic, angry little man with tiny woman feet. He is also damn funny and looks adorable in a raccoon hat. He is played by Aziz Ansari. At the end of Season 4 Entertainment 7wenty (Entertainment 720) and Jean-Ralphio are basically kaput and he has gone back to the Parks Department to work PR. He's also dating Ann Perkins because life isn't fair.

April Ludgate:
April started the series as the student who was filming the mockumentary style that the show employs, but has since graduated to being employed by Ron as "The moat which keeps the angry disgusting peasants away from Swanson castle". She's played by Aubrey Plaza. As of the end of Season 4 she's married to Andy Dwyer and has convinced him to pursue a career in law enforcement because, you know, that will end well.

Andy Dwyer
Andy started the series as a quasi-homeless layabout with two broken legs and a band that never performed. Now he's the shoeshine boy at a government office. So... there's that. He's played by Chris Pratt. At the end of Season 4 he decided to become a police officer. He's a kind-hearted yet incredibly dim young man.

Ben Wyatt
Became mayor of a small town at the age of 18. Bankrupted the town. Now some kind of budget manager who has been brought to Pawnee to fix the budget. As of the end of Season 4 he's crazy in love with Leslie Knope and is whisking away to Washington D.C. to try and be a political awesometron, he's also into Claymation for no adequate reason. He is played by Adam Scott

Chris Traeger
Some kind of superhuman thing. Health nut, crazy for rules, doesn't eat red meat, and his heart is strong enough to pump jet fuel. He's been brought in as City Manager after the previous city manager grabbed Leslie Knope's boob and had a heart attack. At the end of Season 4 he was still broken up with Ann Perkins and was trying to get Pawnee healthy, but has adopted Champion the 3-legged Super Dog to help him heal. He is played by Rob Lowe.

Here's what you missed in season 4:
-Leslie was elected to the Pawnee City Council seat formerly occupied by Bradley Whitford
-Ben got offered a job in Washington D.C. working on a national campaign
-April informed Andy that he should totally go out and become a Police Officer
-April began to care. And stuff. Kind of.
-Chris and Champion the three-legged dog are totally BFFs
-Anne and Tom are dating. Quit your bitching.


Here's an extended version of the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness sequence from the Season 3 Premiere.

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