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PAX East 2011 Concert Info Thread

AaronCAaronC Enforcer - LieutenantPortland OregonRegistered User regular
edited March 2011 in PAX Archive
Greetings All!

As promised in an earlier thread, here is the newest information regarding the concerts at PAX East 2011.

1. Concerts will not require wristbands. They are on a first come first served basis. You may line up anytime in the lobby area (the lobby area for the concert area is separate from any other lobby). Admittance will be up to the max allowed by the fire marshal and if we hit capacity then as people leave. We never hit capacity at East last year.

2. Concerts will be standing only (except for medical access area). No seats! (that said, there may be seats in the back, still in the works on this one, but its likely).

3. There will be a medical access area on one side of the stage. This is for any attendee with a medical badge and their +1. There will be chairs and room for wheelchairs here. Attendee's with a medical pass will be allowed early access so they can avoid the rush to the front of the stage. If you arrive after the concerts start we will do our best to get to you the area, but no guarantees. This area will be barricaded off from the crowd, so you won't have anyone on top of you (unless you want your +1 on top of you).

4. There will be bathrooms available to those in line and those in the concert. You will be able to use the bathroom and go back into the concert without having to go back in any line. If we're at capacity then you won't have to get back in line.

5. If we are at capacity and you leave the actual concert then you'll have to wait in line (if there is any) to get back in. If were not at capacity you can come and go as you please.

6. There is no balcony.

7. No booze or weed inside the concert hall. Water and such is ok. Seriously, no weed. That's just not cool.

There will be food and drink sold in the lobby.

We are going to allow food at first. We'll see if people make a huge mess and create issues. If they do, then food will go back to being banned. If not, we'll keep the food ok policy.

8. If you think you might need earplugs please bring them. If your bringing kids, please bring earplugs for them.

9. The concerts will be shown in Room 235 via videocast.

Lineup will begin as early as 4 pm, if you really want to sit around 4 hours before the concerts start.

As I get more info I'll post it here. If you have questions ask them here, I will reply if I have the answer. Caveat: I am in Saudi Arabia for work right now, my internet is spotty and I may not respond immediately.

AaronC on


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