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Boxing: The Next Generation

Calamity JaneCalamity Jane That Wrong LoveRegistered User regular
edited February 2011 in Singularity Engine++
Matthew Hatton?
Sergio Martinez?
Nonito Donaire?
Saul Alavarez?

These cats seem destined to inject some new blood into the wilting and sometimes painful to watch sport of boxing. Matthew Hatton is ranked 11th in the world and apparently the top dog of the UK. He is the younger brother of Ricky "The Fucking Caveman" Hatton. He's set to fight Saul Alvarez on March 5th. Saul's ranked as the 2nd best super welterweight, and generally regarded as the next big Mexican Champ.

Nonito Donaire fucked up Fernando Montiel in the 2nd round a little earlier tonight, and he's supposedly this super swag bantamweight the annoucers won't stop making Pacquiao comparisions about. What's worse is, as a fighter he says he's totally cool with being in another fighter such as Pacquiao's shadow, and he likes being 2nd best. Where the fuck is your heart?

Sergio Martinez holds the Ring World middleweight title, and used to hold the WBC super welterweight title. At 46 wins, two losses and two draws he's also getting some recognition for being a quick southpaw with confidence out the ass after his second round knockout of Paul Williams. On March 12th he's set to fight Ukraine boxer Sergei Dzinziruk, which'll certainly help his stock rise. Though, his being The Ring's Fighter of the year and also being listed as third best fighter in the world pound for pound don't hurt either.

What fighters do you think are gonna come into the sport and change shit up? What do you think about Showtime actually running pretty decent fights now?

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