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"male role-model" movies

spukeesanspukeesan Registered User
edited June 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
Been looking for some stereotypical male influence, and I figure the quickest and easiest place to find it is on DVD. Current list consists of:

Fight Club - Tyler Durden
Unforgiven - William Munny
Goldfinger - James Bond
Die Hard - John McClane
Clear and Present Danger - Jack Ryan
The Godfather/Godfather II - Vito Corleone

If you can't tell, my cinematic experience is woefully underdeveloped. Suggestions are highly appreciated.

Sesphoheme wrote: »
What do you consider... Good rolemodels?

He really should say "macho archetype" or something.

Yes, yes I should - carry on

spukeesan on


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