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Tim Schafer's [DÜDLE] Legend

Angel_of_BaconAngel_of_Bacon Moderator mod
edited July 2011 in Artist's Corner
wakkawa wrote: »


oh wass you just so sweet
J-P wrote: »
HAHAHA, Now I feel less guilty for my old comics having me as the main character. I had to stop cause it made me feel waaay to narcissistic.

Anyhoo, Blaq ranger if he was an 80's punk.

Obilex wrote: »
crits wanted, feeling stuck on this.

TheExAm wrote: »
Replicatin' ol' Eddie Degas


The ear on the far right one is too small, I just realized.
I am sure about the gradient: It doesn't belong. Otherwise, yeah I like it.

Still working on the big image, but doing this as well:


Veldrin wrote: »
Doodle doodle doodle. :)

A Glam Rock request from my dear brother. Take that as you will.


Yes, the mirror is floating or something. I don't know.
Looking cool Obi. i thinik the problem is that there are loads of different perspectives in the face. Also, her chest looks a little small and boxy. its a cool looking concept. If its not working, just take what you've done and start over.

Drew this today. Im so over pirates now.

Some nice wips and doodles this page

WCK - I'm digging that design, although his head IS a bit small. Lots of cool accessories there, gives him a nice world-traveler feel.

Veldrin - Very nice ass on that dude. The mustache makes him look like he's a 40-year old accountant cosplaying.

Obi - That little divot taken out just off the side of her chin is throwing me off. Her breasts look to be very high, if you're going for the "pushed up" look from her shirt, I think they just need to be more rounded, but I don't know if that's what you're shooting for.

On my end, I realized it was Tam's birthday about a day after he did (and he realized a day late!) so I made a drawing


Alt Version:
m3nace wrote: »
I tried coloring this thing.

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