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The GeekThe Geek Oh-Two CrewRegistered User, ClubPA regular
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So last night I was going through the storage unit on our deck and it got pretty rainy. I had to dry off a few very wet bins before putting them back in. I went in to get a couple of towels.

Then I remembered that Neville gave me a ShamWow at his going away party, as he was trying to get rid of extra stuff so he didn't have to move it. I hadn't use it yet and figured I'd give it a try.


Well damn if the thing didn't work like crazy. Completely soaked up all the water without dripping and left everything very dry. I was quite surprised.

What kind of wacky infomercial type products have you tried and have you found them to be rad or junk?

My dad got one of those Citrus Express thingies for cutting up oranges and grapefruit and he says it works great.


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