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Social Entropy++: AWESOME POST in "Taste buds and alcohol question.", by Druhim

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I've drank keystone for about 6 years. I like it, it gets me drunk, and it is cheap. No need to change. For 20 bucks I can get a half gallon of whiskey and some of my friends can have a good time, or for 20 bucks I can get a 30 pack of Keystone, and all of my friends can have a good time.

That's fine. But it's been popular for a while, and I don't see increasing popularity having any major impact on the price.


Whiskey: .5 gallon * 128 fluid ounces/1 gallon * 40% ABV =

Keystone Light: 30 cans * 12 fluid ounces/1 can * 4.2% ABV =

Do that math real quick.
let's see... That's plus... times... devided... I don't get it.

Well, as long as you think you're getting more bang for your buck, I'm sure the folks at Coors will be happy.

The saddest part is the Keystone has addled his brain so much he thinks there is a plus sign there.

Or any division to be done
Post: Taste buds and alcohol question.
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Posted by: Druhim
Original Content:
he clearly was referring to devision
which I guess is like when hillbillies blind themselves from drinking too much shitty beer

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