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Da er vi i gang : Hurtigruten – Minutt for minutt

Charles KinboteCharles Kinbote Registered User regular
edited June 2011 in Singularity Engine++
We have a lot of fun on these forums, but as enlightened
members of the soon-to-be singularity we have a respons
ibility to use our brainpower to solve some of the problem
s that plague our so-called society?

The good news is, we have really Narrowed It Down on why our teenagers have so many STDs!

And it's all on one old-fashioned: hyperlink
Did you know there is a place in Las Vegas you can go to and burn Bibles while making sex sessions with random women dressed up like the Easter Bunny and little bubble bees? Has anyone told you that you can be apart of a week long journey of hazy drug male sin docking, with married men? Anyone ever tell you about a group of meth laced lollipop lickers, dancing to Satanic drum beats, while semen demons and devil whores dance in sexual gyrations? Have you ever heard of stories about a fiery idol being burned to celebrate deviancy against God? If so, you most likely are hearing the horrid tales of a festival called “Burning Man”, which is a annually held music festival to celebrate everything anti-American and anti-morals.

What is Burning Man?
Burning Man is an annual, week long drug slinger festival sponsored by Hot Topic, that is held in the Blackhole Desert in the northern part of Las Vegas. Burning Man is a week long festival of book burning, anti-God worship and baby eating babble that only Satan himself would be able to fondle himself over.

At each party, the party goers are encouraged to create their own false idols which they will later on burn and dance around as they joyfully sin in hopes to arouse Satan in a erotic fantasy of orgasms.

Who Goes to Burning Man?
Besides the copious amounts of fecal flinging, sex addicted homosexuals, the clown dressed midgets and bath salt sniffing hippies, you can see a wide variety of God hating sinners. Burning man usually consists of around 122,500 to 182,805 people looking to reenact scenes that would make a Roman bath house look like the softest form of downloadable .avi porn on the internet.

The whore women are asked to weird the most outlandish outfits and to make sure that woman have their milk sacks exposed or to at least have moist camel hump noticeable in the tight shorts. It is very common to see women in Old Navy hot pants, Hot Topic fish nets and cut up Dirty Shirty bosom tops with words like “My Dad Says I’m Cute” or “I Always Get Backstage” smeared across them. Men are told to dress up like something you would see out of a nightmarish San Fransisco leather parade and that you can show bare chest only if you have a sculptured solid body.

Pretty much if you asked a gps to look for a group of ugly people who play with necromantic black magic and love to partake in a oily interracial sex orgy, it would point you right to this desert festival of gluttonous fornication.

What Goes on at Burning Man?
What the immature amounts of female nudity and exposed male sin snakes isn’t enough? Or how about the naked tug of war games or the false idol constructions? Or to top it off, how about large amounts of gay men tip toeing in the desert, hammering out male on male mouth sex acts, while hippies cheer them on and take photos to upload to their Twitter accounts.

Have you every heard of a “STD Party”? If not, a STD Party is were groups of disease infested party goers, like our Burning Man friends here and they sign up on a list stating which STD they have. Once on the list, they are able to look at others on the list and see which type of STD they want to swap. Once they pick out their fancy, they met up in a what they call “Caring Tent” and partake in a sandy act of sexual transfusion and Satanic pleasures.

Parties like these are what caused the black plague in England. Unmoral, non-God loving drunks would have multiple sex insertion sessions with unwashed privates parts from multiple people and would spread sickness across the lands. If we don’t stop this, America will be facing the same low t-cell count destiny.

If the STD parties don’t tickle your penile or baby hole fancy, you can always join in on the animal sacrifices or take a demonic journey in the acid trip sweat rooms.

Dancing to “drummed and based” music is also a very popular event. So if you’re a maniac for dancing under the Devil’s desert disco ball, you will have a place to call home.

So if you want to ride first class on hell’s 747 or have your body riddled with illnesses, hop in your car and drink from the devil’s pleasure cup. If you want to be bless with eternal life then band with us and say no to this false paradise of gang banging hussies and phallic exposing maestros.

Charles Kinbote on


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