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the restored pokethread for just about everyone

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Yes indeed, the good ol' pokethread is back from her prolonged absence. And she needs you (yes, you), to fill her with exciting posts about good times in the world of pokemon.

Now, to answer some exciting questions about the pokemons

What is this pokemon you speak of?
a: get out

What's the latest pokemon news?
a: not much! Pokemon Black and White have been released to great success, but news of further games is scarce. A sequel to wiiware's Pokemon Rumble is coming to the 3ds, and some crappy iPhone app is releasing in Japan, but that's it. Rumors about remakes of ruby and sapphire remain unsubstantiated.

Don't you guys have a league or something?
a: Nope.

But I thought-

a:oh wait, looks like we do!

information below
k, set it up and i'll play


Or maybe it would be more appropriate to call it a ladder or something. Something half-way between a tournament and a league!

Anyway, starting August 5th, there will be VAGUELY ORGANIZED POKEMON PLAY!

Between then and now, you need to train between six and ten Pokemon! Wow!

These ten Pokemon will be the only ten you're allowed to use for the month, so pick guys you like! Your list will be visible to everybody, so everyone will know what pool you're working from but not which specific Pokemon you'll be bringing to a given fight. If you don't have a full roster of ten by August 5th, tough luck! It wouldn't be fair to let you add more guys to your roster after getting to see what everyone else is working with. Maybe people will bitch and whine about this rule enough to have it changed though! WHO KNOWS.

For the month of August, participants can play 36 points worth of games. Level 100 6 vs. 6 games are worth 3 points, and Level 50 3 vs. 3 games are worth 1 point. In other words, you can play either twelve 6v6 games or thirty-six 3v3 games for the month, or any combination of the two so long as you don't exceed 36 total! This works out to an average of three 6v6 or nine 3v3 games per week.

Winning a game nets you the amount of points the game was worth. So you play a 6v6 game, the winner gets 3 points and the loser gets 0 points! This was probably self-evident but I LIKE TO READ MY OWN POSTS.

REMATCHING IS A LITTLE NEEDLESSLY COMPLICATED. You can play the same person in three 3v3 games or one 6v6 game. After that, you have to play every other person at least once before you can challenge that person again!

At the end of the 30-day period, ending at 11:59 September 1st, whoever's accrued the most points wins! If there's a tie we'll have a quick single-elimination tournament to break it! And if this doesn't turn out to be the smoldering pile of failure that it's destined to be, we'll do it again for September!


How do I get my hands on these mysterious DW pokemon?

A:You can sign up for the Pokemon Global Link service, but chances are one of our esteemed pokemaniacs in this thread has what you're looking for! Just ask, and one of us will be happy to breed something for you if we can. Please note that not all pokemon have been released in the DW yet.

What is the best pokemon?
a: Whatever your favorite is! The key to victory is in your heart.

What happened to the pokethread? Why has it been gone so long?

a: I blame dichotomy

Every time I try to train up lots of pokemon, I get bored and burnt out. What can I do?

a: It happens to all of us. For example, if we ever had a pokemon league (We did not), this might have been what caused it to collapse. I recommend training one pokemon at a time! It is easier to do than trying to do 6 at once.

how do I EV train?]

Gary wrote:
for attack i go to the grass right outside starter town because it only has 1EV attack dudes
defense i go to the stupid cave near the daycare because it's 50% roggenrollas (1EV), the only better alternative is like the bottom floor of relic castle and i just don't feel like going down there
sp a is the celestial tower (I'm getting all the names wrong aren't I). litwick and elgyem are both 1 EV
sp d is surfing in driftveil, frillish is 1EV and jellicent is 2 EV
HP is surfing in icirrus for stunfisk (2EV)
speed is surfing to the right of the town with the museum, only has basculin, they are 2EVs each

well, that's about it, unless mr.dichotomy has any other complaints about my op. In the immortal words of professor oak, your own journey in the world of pokemon is about to begin!

get to posting

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