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The Fourth Annual Triwizard Drinking Tournament

Atlus ParkerAtlus Parker Registered User regular
edited August 2011 in PAX Archive
Update 8/11/11: Be aware that this year's TWDT is completely full. A few spots may open from time to time and those will be posted in the thread proper and will be filled on a first come, first served basis. If you are not signed up for the crawl then tagging along is highly, highly discouraged. This is not because we want to exclude you from the festivities. This is because we have 400 drunks to herd already and also out of respect for the bars who already have to deal with us rolling in 100 wizards deep. Do keep an eye on the thread but please do not just show up if you are not signed up.


Dear Student,
Welcome back to another year of learning at the Hogwarts School of Drunken Revelry. As you approach your fourth year of lessons, you will face some grueling challenges.

Scholastic and otherwise.

A shadow looms over our dear wizarding world and a storm is brewing. I hope that I do not have to remind any of you that the practice of Dark Arts is strictly fobidden on the Hogwarts grounds.

The Headmaster

Facebook Event Page

What This Is

The Triwizard Drinking Tournament is an annual bar crawl/scavenger hunt that takes place in Seattle and coincides with PAX Prime. Participants are encouraged to come in costume and meet other PAX attendees before the convention begins. Whiskey Wizardry is the quickest way to make new friends.

When This Happens

Thursday August 25th, 8:30 PM (Half hour after the conclusion of the Pre-Pax Dinner)

What's New For 2011

Good vs Evil: Will you stay the path and join Dumbledore's Army or will you receive the Dark Mark and join the Death Eaters? With two distinct groups to choose from for each house students will find themselves fending off attacks from interhouse rivals as well as those from other houses.

Better Crowd Control: With students spread out among 2 groups for every house we will have fewer people at each bar resulting in a smoother bar crawl experience.

More Leadership: With the number of groups doubled that means an increase in leadership positions. No longer will your house suffer if the first spell one of your Heads casts is Pukeinasink...elliarmus.

House Elves: Each group will also be assigned a House Elf (sober volunteer) to assist your Head of House. Head of House can no longer read a map? Your House Elf can.

How To Participate

To sign up first check the second post to see if your desired house is open. Then just make a post here with your desired house: !Gryffindor, !Slytherin, !Ravenclaw, or !Hufflepuff as well as whether you wish to join Dumbledore's Army (Group A) or the Death Eaters (Group B). Also if you are bringing anyone else with you who doesn't post here please list how many so I can keep a fairly accurate count (+1, +2, +3, +14 etc). After signing up for a house, all you need to do is show up at the appropriate time at the appropriate bar as per your house's schedule. All participants will be asked for a $1 donation that will go to Child's Play. This nets you your scorecard and house button. After all is said and done the donations will be tallied up and the house that raises the most for Child's Play will win the Triwizard Cup. !Slytherin won it last year. Apparently it can be used to hold a beverage of your choice.

Scorecard (Dumbledore's Army)

Scorecard (Death Eaters)


Gryffindor values courage, daring, nerve and chivalry. Its mascot is the lion, and its colours are scarlet and gold. This house corresponds roughly to the element of fire. The founder of the house is Godric Gryffindor.

Dumbledore's Army (53/50)

Death Eaters (50/50)



Like Salazar Slytherin, its founder, Slytherin house values ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness. The book also suggests that the hunger for power is a characteristic of Slytherins. The animal representing Slytherin is the serpent, and the house colours are green and silver. Slytherin House seems to have attracted more evil wizards than any other house, including Voldemort himself and almost all of his supporters...except for the ones who join Dumbledore's Army.

Dumbledore's Army (51/50)

Death Eaters (51/50)



Ravenclaw values intelligence, creativity, wit, and wisdom. "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure" is an oft-repeated Ravenclaw proverb. The house mascot is an eagle/raven, the house colours are blue and bronze (changed to blue and silver in the movies).

Dumbledore's Army (51/50)

Death Eaters (50/50)



Hufflepuff, founded by Helga Hufflepuff, values hard work, loyalty, tolerance, and fair play. They are afraid of ghosts, sheets with holes, and regular sheets. The house mascot is the badger, and canary yellow and black are its colours and corresponds roughly to the element of earth.

Dumbledore's Army (50/50)

Death Eaters (52/50)


The Challenges

Challenge 1: Start of Term Feast & Sorting Ceremony

Upon your return to Hogwarts School of Drunken Revelry, join your fellow students for the start of term feast. Catch up with your friends and new acquaintances alike as you partake in spells pledging your allegiance to either Dumbledore or The Dark Lord...

For Dumbledore's Army: Drink 1 light beer or 1 shot of light colored alcohol for every year you've attended the TWDT, including this one.
For Death Eaters: Drink 1 dark beer or 1 shot of dark colored alcohol for every year you've attended the TWDT, including this one.

Challenge 2: Harry Potter and the Half-Mixed Drink

Test your courage by mixing your spell with an opponent's and consume the resulting spell.

Pair off with a partner from the opposing house. Each of you order a different mixed drink of your choice. Mix half of each drink together and drink the resulting combination.

Challenge 3: Wizard Bomb

Surprise your opponent and gain the upper hand by launching a custom built spell.

Pair off with a partner from the opposing house. One of you orders two beers and the other orders two shots. Drop the shot in the beer and drink your custom Wizard Bomb! (Credit to skarsol)

Challenge 4: I Must Not Tell Lies

Engage your opponent in a game of wits and put their Occlumency skills to the test as you pry their deepest and darkest secrets from them while protecting yours.

Pair off with a partner from the opposing house. Each of you order a beer or mixed drink. Engage in a game of I Never until both drinks have been consumed. Save any dirt you learn about your opponent for future blackmail. (credit to gal_friday)

Challenge 5: The First Final Showdown

There's only room for one faction within your house. Engage in the first of many final showdowns between Dumbledore's Army and the Death Eaters by challenging a housemate of the opposite faction.

Pair up with a housemate from the opposite faction and buy each other at least one beer, shot, or mixed drink. Continue until you feel that your faction has won. Or you pass out.

How Do I Win?

There's really no winning, per se. This is pretty much a fun, drunken night out with fellow nerds. But for those of you who do manage to finish your scorecards, there will be a button celebrating the fact that you've triumphed over good or evil or whatever. Still not enough? That leads us to...

The Expecto Patronum Challenge (Mark II)

For those witches and wizards who have thoroughly embarrassed themselves last year by shouting Expecto Patronum in a bar will be rewarded...with the opportunity to do it all over again. Students who proudly display their Fruit Fucker Patronus buttons will eligible to demonstrate their mastery of their patronus against a "live" target. Beware, this challenge will require the consumption of your patronus as well as something...sinister. There will, of course, be another button commemorating this feat.

Special Note: This challenge requires last year's Patronus button as well as a completed scorecard from this year.

Tips & Tricks

Don't Be a Dick: First and foremost, don't do anything that's going to embarrass yourself or anyone else. Especially since alcohol is going to be involved you're going to want to leave your asshole pants at home. Don't make us snap your wand.

Know Your Limit: The only person who knows your alcohol tolerance is you. There's nothing worse than an overindulged drunk so don't be that guy. If someone notices that you're getting sloppy you're already past the point of no return. You should probably stop drinking when someone points out to you that you're peeing on a bar stool.

Leave No Wizard Behind: We arrive as a group and leave as a group. If someone has to be That Guy/Gal who gets so wasted that they think they're actually Dumbledore, it's the responsibility of the crawl as a whole to ensure this person makes it safely back to their hotel. Use the buddy system, handcuff yourselves to each other, whatever. No one is to vomit in a bus terminal by themselves. Not this night, at least.

Atlus Is Required to Wear Pants: Don't let him convince you otherwise.

Respect the Heads and House Elves: Anyone designated as a Head or House Elf for the crawl isn't there just to mark scorecards; they're there to make sure everyone's having a good time and that everything runs smoothly. They're there to keep everyone moving and to stop people from jumping up on the bar and dropping trou. If one asks you to stop picking bar fights with the seedy locals, it might be a good idea to do so.

HAVE FUN: This is the most important guideline of all: Have fun! We're all on vacation and we're drinking with fellow nerds so let's enjoy it. Keeping ourselves fairly reasonable for the evening will make it a good time for everyone.

Guidelines for the House Duels or Dueling Etiquette And You: A Magic Users Guide to Not Being a Total Dick

This guide is to clarify a few rules concerning the wizard duels between houses. I know everyone has grand plans of pouring cement mixers and cowboy killers or whatever godawful concoctions people subject their bodies to down each other's throat. While this sounds good in theory, we want everyone to have fun and not worry about a first year student choking on Bloody Tampon and ruining the rest of their night. The following are a few rules to keep things fun:

All Forbidden Curses Are...Forbidden: All drinks must contain only a mix of alcohol. That means no fruit, tabasco sauce, fire, pickles, rubber bands, dirty diapers, razor blades, The Kraken, miniature civilizations, or whatever else your sick little minds come up with.

The Challenger Buys the Drink: To keep things fair and to prevent anyone from breaking their opponents bank by ordering them Dom Perignon mixed with Patron and topped off with Crystal Skull vodka.

Choose Your Partner Outside: At each bar where the duels happen we're going to have nearly 100 people trying to cram the bar. Help expedite the process by choosing a partner outside then going in together and ordering together.


Gryffindor: Dumbledore's Army
Gryffindor: Death Eaters

Slytherin: Dumbledore's Army
Slytherin: Death Eaters

Ravenclaw: Dumbledore's Army
Ravenclaw: Death Eater's

Hufflepuff: Dumbledore's Army
Hufflepuff: Death Eaters

Previous Bar Crawls

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The Second Annual Triwizard Drinking Tournament (2009)
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