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Explain your Sig/avatar and title....or someone elses.

Tiger_ArmyGTRTiger_ArmyGTR Registered User
edited June 2007 in Singularity Engine++
ITT: we tell the story behind our signatures and/or avatar and title.

For my signature: One night i was out with my girlfriend and the other people that are part of her dance troupe. We're all sitting at this group of tables we pushed together at a Taco Cabana and telling tales of drunken awesomeness/stupidity. So this one chick, we'll call her Mo because thats her name as i know it, Starts talking about this date she went on with this guys she had been seeing. He gets hammered and they go home and go to bed.

Well, in the middle of the night, the dude just starts vomitting all over the bed. to the point were he basically slips off of the bed due to his vomit. He says drunkenly " did i do that?" and passes out again.
Mo cleans her self up, obviously pissed and cleans him up a bit and strips the bed, then goes to sleep on the couch since she has to teach elementary the next day ( she's also a 3rd grade teacher).

But the fun doesn't stop there. In the middle of the night this guy get up to piss. Mo hears him getting up, wakes up and looks over to find this guy pissing in the corner....where she happened to have put her freshly laundered work clothes.

tl;dr Dude, drunkenly pissed on his dates work clothes after vomiting all over her bed...

so um...yeah...what about you guys?

edit: that is a good idea the Geek. Alternatively you can explain someone elses...

Tiger_ArmyGTR on
Drunkenly pissing on a girl's work clothes is no path to a second date.


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