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Transformers - Movie (Bogey

MrIamMeMrIamMe Registered User regular
edited July 2007 in Singularity Engine++
Friends, Penny Arcadians, and unwashed masses, lend me your ears, I come not to praise Bay, but bury him with accolades praising the fact his movie wasn't a travesty.

Alright, I'm aware that there is a transformers thread, its nigh on 70 pages long, and has a lot of stuff from the early screens and whatnot, and has now degenerated into wild accusations and pornographic reference.

So, being an Australian, this movie just came out here. I, accompanied by my girlfriend (not a nerd, and never seen a transformer before), went and purchased tickets to said movie. Surrounded by one of the most bizarre assortment of movie goers, I awaited with trepidation as to whether I would have the murder of Micheal Bay on my conscious.

Without giving away any spoilers, I have to say this - G1 has nothing to do with this movie, forget it and you may enjoy it.

Now to the bits everyone is interested in.

Robot fight scenes : OMFG OMFG WOW WOW WOW. *Ahem* Passable.

Military Scenes : They used the accurate NATO all arms call for fire, and for the most part the military bits were good.

Pure human scenes : Eh, still not as bad as it could have been. Acting shoddy in places.

Plot : um....yeah *shifty eyes* its there, its not great, and primarily is there for moving the fight scenes along and giving a reason for it all happening.

Acting : Its not horrible. There is a lack of direction evident, but the actors did a good job, bar a couple of people (oh trust me, you will want to kill this guy)

Love Story : Its there, but they are a tad busy with all the shit blowing up to move it along. Which is good.

Cheesy Bits : Yeah there are a few more than I liked, but the gf lapped it up.

Overall, if you are a rabid G1 fan then yeah, you will hate this, like NMA hates fallout 3, 2, tactics and brotherhood of steel. If you can forget G1, and just go and autobots vs decepticons then you may enjoy it. Honestly, best movie I've seen in a long time.

I liked it a lot, my gf, never having seen a transformer before, is now tugging on my arm saying we need to see it again, and wants to know more about the mythos. That can only be a good thing.

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