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Let's talk about drugs, baby

joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades Just...Just, the worstRegistered User regular
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As ongoing treatment for my accumulating diagnoses of accumulating neuroses, I am on drugs every day. This is a happy safe place to share what drugs you are on, have taken in the past, and are afraid of getting on. Tell us what worked and what failed miserably. Warn us away from bad pharmaceuticals and steer us towards the good alternatives.

Even though I've been diagnosed with Avoidant Personality Disorder, I have never been medicated for it. The other stuff I'm taking right now is 40 mg Celexa for major depression and OCPD, and .5 mg Lorazepam twice a day and two at bedtime for anxiety. I've been kind of leery lately because I'm still having thoughts I shouldn't be having, and while the Lorazepam helps with anxiety, I can't get a wink of sleep without it now. Prior to Lorazepam I was on Clonazepam and I don't feel like I can recommend that. It felt like I was on horse tranquilizers all day long; I would sleep like Rip Van Fucking Winkle and when I wasn't sleeping I was acting like a gat damn weirdo.

ElJeffe wrote: »
Man, if I could get a 3D printer that could fabricate a vagina, I'd never leave the house again.


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