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Trenches comic: Tuesday January 31, 2012 - Descent

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The night our software gave back to the players

01/31/2012 - Anonymous

I worked for a company who made touch screen gaming software for casinos.

Another QA tester and I were onsite with our largest customer that happened to be on a military base. We were installing the latest build of our newest product thinking, “Who better to let beta test than actual players? What could go wrong?”

Each touchscreen machine accepted credits via a pre-filled card. You add credits to your card, and then you use them in the machines to play the games.

About 2 hours into testing, things were going well. No issues. Then we noticed some players kept changing machines every 10-15 minutes. Now, gamblers are very superstitious, we figured they had run out of luck on that machine and needed a change. Boy were we wrong.

Finally, after about another hour, everyone was changing seats every 5 minutes. My QA buddy and I decided to watch a couple players and see what they were doing. Turns out, there was a bug in our software that allowed you to play all your credits, log out of the machine, go to a new machine, swipe in and BAM, all your money was back.

We immediately told the hall manager who promptly shut down the game and then called the military police to prevent a riot. Rightfully so, as the players were mad and making threats. While the MPs cleared the crowd, the hall manager, myself and my QA buddy hid in the manager’s office bathroom, avoiding what we expected would be a shanking.

After the crowd left, we expected to get chewed out by the hall manager, but he didn’t, he laughed because despite the bug, they STILL cleared a solid 5 figures in the time they allowed the game to go on.

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