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Welcome to the Starcraft 2 thread


Are you going to PAX East? Meet up with other PA SC2 players! PM narwhal for details!

The PA Crane Kick program!

We here at PA are a nice, friendly, bunch that want to help each other get better at SC2, typically through light-hearted pokes and jabs. But some players require a little more hands-on training. So, I have decided to create a Karate Kid style teacher and student program known hence forth as the Crane Kick program. Basically, one of our higher league players will personally train a lower level one on some aspect of their game they want to improve.

Fill out this form to join in! After filling out the form, look at the list of players found here and simply PM the coach/player you are interested in working with. Set up a time/date, communication software, and discuss what you want to learn/teach. GLHF!

Please read the following details to help things go smoothly:

Let's see if we can get this thing off the ground and really help each other out more!

I want to play SC2 awesome like everyone else!

So, the SC2 thread goes a million miles per hour and will leave you in the dust if you aren't prepared. All things are open to discussion here from build orders, practice partners, race match-ups, tournament talk, and general bizarre Korean stuff. In order to keep up, I highly recommend you check out the following resources:


OK that's all cool, but I want to play with some PA people.

JK. I like watching Starcraft instead. Where can I watch some good games?

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