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WoW Credit Card Fraud : Out of fucking control

danielof2k6danielof2k6 __BANNED USERS
edited July 2007 in Singularity Engine++
Just got hit with over 100 dollars in unauthorized subscription fees from Blizzard entertainment. Called the bank up and cancelled my fucking card only to learn that there were two other charges from

I am not looking forward to seeing the final damage of this, I am especially nervous about the purchases from, they were made days ago but the actual dollar amount still hasnt shown up on my transactions.

Apparently, thousands of people are getting fucked over like this.

If any of you have WoW accounts and a Visa credit card, or have purchased any NCsoft games as well, I recommend checking your information regularly. Apparently Blizzard AND the Bank both admit that this fraud is booming.

:x It's a very dirty feeling having hundreds of dollars stolen right out of your account and knowing there's nothing you can do. I am filing for fraud but doubt that anyone is going to re-imburse me. I'm also a little disgusted at the fact that all the payments are 'pending' but cannot be stopped.

Anyone else going through this?

danielof2k6 on


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