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The Obama Administration: Re-Elected! 332-206 (Probably)

AManFromEarthAManFromEarth Let's get to twerk!The King in the SwampRegistered User regular
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So, the President is still this guy:


His approval ratings have started to rebound lately, due to a variety of factors. Women have been coming back to the President, and the continuing insanity that is the Republican nominating contest has certainly helped. But obviously the biggest factor has been the finally possibly recovering economy. We had another pretty solid jobs reports on Friday, and with previous jobs reports being revised upwards, we're actually in something resembling a decent recovery. People are even returning to the labor pool, which is why the unemployment rate stayed at 8.3% this month.

There are still of course issues. Plenty of people are still angry about the NDAA, for example. There is also the continuing debate of targeted killings of American citizens abroad who have been allegedly linked to terrorism, such as Anwar Al-Awlaki. And generally quite a lot of civil libertarians are angry. For quite a lot of updates on these kinds of issues, you can read Glenn Greenwald who will probably channel your rage every day.

If you would like to litigate the past, we can continue to argue over the size of the stimulus and the nature of the health care bill and how much Congress sucks.

There are quite a lot of positives! First of all, and most importantly, the administration has appointed two justices to SCOTUS. That's working out pretty well. You've also got the end of the Iraq War (yes, on the Bush timeline, but we didn't ignore the government we set up) and the beginnings of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, scheduled to be complete in 2014. There have been quite impressive environmental regulations like this one and this one. And obviously there have been quite a lot of advances in the realm of gay rights, like the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, various hate crimes legislation, the end of support for the Defense of Marriage Act from the Justice Department, etc. etc. etc. There are other things, most of which are catalogued here:

With the upcoming election, recently the White House has been moving towards a more populist message. This started with a speech in Osawatomie, Kansas, that was fairly reflective of Teddy Roosevelt. And then he gave a defense of labor generally in a very fired up, very "campaign Obama" style speech to the UAW.

In the short term media cycle news of the moment, there are two major things going on.

First, the President made sure that Rush Limbaugh's bullshit got even more attention by calling Sandra Fluke and telling her that her parents are/should be proud of her, and how he hopes his daughters are willing to speak their mind like Ms. Fluke was.
Second, gas prices are high, and that is somewhat concerning for the President's re-election chances. Not surprisingly, energy has been a recent focus, and the subject of today's weekly address was energy.

This thread is mostly about the actions of the President/White House. There's obviously some overlap with the campaign, as what they're doing right now as far as governing is inextricably linked to the election (we run this country in a very, very stupid way). But try to keep it within the context of the White House's actions, so:

Do: talk about a speech the President made, a regulatory decision, a bill he's pushing for in Congress, his golf game, etc. etc. etc.
Don't: talk about Romney/Santorum/Gingrich/Paul. There is a primary thread for that, and when the primary thread is done, there will surely be a general election thread. Also, let's try not to get off on random ass tangents, though I am not exactly innocent on that front.

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