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EAST Post-PAX Party, Sun4/8 @ Jillian's Boston 8-11pm *CANCELED*

XRXR [E] LULKWARegistered User regular
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CANCELED UPDATE- *Event canceled as the minimum 50 attendees was not reached. I'm sorry for those who purchased tickets already or if your are now trying to buy a ticket. If you have purchased tickets they should be refunded and should at least see an email about the refund soon. Sorry that this event couldn't work but lets try to make the East Post-PAX Party a success next year!

I will most likely still show up at Jillian's on Sunday anyways. I will let Jillian's know that a group of PAX-ers may show up. ~LULK *

old update-

(sorry about the last post folks, had to use my old forum name)
(Planning this party is late, like really late. BUT WHY NOT?! )

Welcome to the East Post-PAX Party! I don't know if this is a 1st annual EAST party, but the event is in line with the Prime Post-PAX party hosted by ARCO (who has done great work for PPP).

"The Post-PAX Party is a last-ditch, hail-mary, all-for-one effort to have the most fun possible after the doors close on PAX EAST. We're going to hook up consoles to TVs, play pool, foosball, bowl, and ping pong, eat, drink, and party our asses off all night long before we all go back to our regular lives. It's an afterparty, a farewell, and a celebration, all rolled into one. If you don't have anywhere to be Sunday night, you should join us. Ask around: it's really fun."

I'm pleased to announce, we're rolling out to Jillian's Boston!

Sunday, April 8th
8:00pm - 11:00pm+
18+ Event


Highlights of the evening include:

-Polo and VIP Rooms all for ourselves (may have to leave room after 11pm)
-Appetizer Buffet fully stocked for 2 hours which includes: Mac and Cheese Bites, Coconut Shrimp, Chips & Salsa, Veggie Egg Rolls, Buffalo Chicken Bites
-Private Cash bar for our group
-4 private lanes of bowling (shoes included!) (max 10 per lane so there will be a signup sheet to ensure everyone gets a chance to bowl who wants too)
-1 wii station with monitor, 1 xbox station with monitor that could be connected with other gaming systems (there are other TVs in the room and I need to ask if we can use them)
-11 pool tables
-1 ping pong table
-coin operated foosball table
-tables for tabletop gaming

We're also doing a raffle, just like Prime PPP. There will be a separate ticket that is by donation. All donations will do directly to purchasing raffle items. One raffle ticket is included in the price of admission.

Tickets are $40 and they will be on sale HERE. We're renting out most of the 3rd floor- LARGE Polo and VIP rooms of this place, so max number of ticket sales is 200 people! NEED to have 50 people to book by Thursday April 4th otherwise will have to cancel event. I'm counting on you guys to spread the word and sell at least 50 tickets (perfer to sell this thing out), because as always, no one fronts the bill for this thing. Everyone pays an equal share and we have to sell all the tickets to pay for the event. QUICKLY!

What's that? You still aren't convinced and you want pictures? Okay!


Bowling lanes:

Not good enough? Still have questions? Perhaps I can assist you in the form of a spoilerized F.A.Q.

-Need to get video games to play! Anyone willing to bring rockband / projectors / systems to play?
-Confirm how many screens that can be used for video games.

So subscribe to the thread for updates, tell your friends, buy your tickets, donate to the raffle, and I'll see you all at the Post-PAX Party!

XR on


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