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[Mass Effect] Resurgence MP DLC on the 10th; 6 chars, 3 guns, 2 maps. MARK SPOILERS!

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Mass Effect Wiki - Suicide Mission Guide (ME2) - Import Saves (ME1/2 PC & XBOX ONLY) -
Face Codes (ME2)

Earth is burning. Striking from beyond known space, a race of terrifying machines have begun their destruction of the human race. As Commander Shepard, an Alliance Marine, your only hope for saving mankind is to rally the civilizations of the galaxy and launch one final mission to take back the Earth. Available Everywhere NOW.

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ME3 Pre-Release Videos
Normandy Tour 2 - Normandy Tour - Hijacking an Atlas - Palaven Gameplay - Live Action Trailer - Mars Gameplay - Galaxy Map - CG Trailer - FemShep Trailer - Ruthless and Intelligent Enemies - Adrenaline-Pumping Gameplay - Integrated Storytelling - Customizable Arsenal - Voice Cast - Multiplayer Trailer - James Vega - Tuchanka Gameplay - Squad Leader Gameplay - E3 Trailer - Earth Demo - Sur'Kesh Demo - Reaper Base Demo - Kinect Demo


More Mass Effect

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A motion picture! + An anime!


Community Sundries

@TychoCelchuuu has been kind enough to provide peeks at Commander Shepard's facebook page:
one |two| three | FOUR! | FIVE!!

@GoodKingJayIII provided the following way to skip much of the introduction for the PC version of ME2:
A lot of people don't like the opening 10 minute intro movie, but there is a way to get rid of it. Go to:

C:....mass effect 2\BioGameMovies

Change the extension of the following files to .bak:














This will not get rid of everything, you still have to watch the non-CGI cutscenes and Save Joker. But it does cut down quite a bit. If you want those movies back just rename them to .bik again. If you're worried your renaming the wrong thing, you can download a BIK palyer and confirm the files.

3. For those who hate planet scanning and hacking, there is an easy ini file edit floating around. This is just a colaseced editor that you guys have already been playing with but this one seemed pretty idiot proof to me. This again needs an external program but is non-excutable.


This has all kinds of stuff like god mode, extra weapons, infinite ammo etc., but if you just want the money, just use it to get your resources, save, then exit the game and revert to the non-hacked state.

@korodullin has kindly offered some R&R with a wonderful game of bingo!


@Spoit has a far more simple variation:

@curly haired boy strikes back with awesome wallpapers taken from the ME2:
@Orca has kindly complied all of the shamelessly awful pictures posted in this thread.

@Orca explains how to transfer ME1 to Origin:
From the other thread, enter your info here: https://activate.ea.com/gameactivation.do

then create or link an existing EA classic account. Origin should figure out what's up without you doing anything more at that point.

*If buying ME somewhere other than Origin and it doesn't contain BDTS or PS, contact Origin CS and they can get it fixed for you.

-Tal wrote: »

Massive. End. Spoilers. DO NOT CLICK. SERIOUSLY.

From @Yougottawanna a Brilliant dissection as to why the ending is so bad in Red Letter Media Style:

And a followup:

From @manwiththemachinegun SECRET TRUE ENDING HHEYYYYAAA!!!!!

True Last Boss!

Bioware Blog Where official announcements about pending Multiplayer weekend events are made.
MP Build Simulator
Mass Effect 3 Weapon Data
BSN Post with (usually) Up to Date info on most aspects of Multiplayer for all your obsessive planning needs!
BSN Post with Weapon/Mod Rarities (I.E. What packs you will likely get them from)
List of Equipment, separated by class and rarity, including race/class combos and equipment. Use it for a personal checklist to know when to move up to the next pack (to not waste credits)
Common (Blue)
- M-3 Predator
- M-23 Katana
- M-4 Shuriken
- M-92 Mantis
- M-8 Avenger

Uncommon (Silver)
- M-5 Phalanx
- M-22 Eviscerator
- M-9 Tempest
- M-12 Locust
- M-13 Raptor
- M-27 Scimitar
- M-97 Viper
- M-29 Incisor
- M-96 Mattock
- M-15 Vindicator
- Phaeston

Rare (Gold)
- M-25 Hornet
- M-6 Carnifex
- Geth Pulse Rifle
- Geth Plasma Shotgun
- M-300 Claymore
- M-98 Widow
- Arc Pistol
- Disciple
- Graal Spike Thrower
- M-37 Falcon
- M-76 Revenant

Ultra Rare (Black/N7)
- Black Widow
- M-358 Talon
- M-99 Saber
- M-77 Paladin
- M-11 Wraith
- Javelin
- Scorpion
- N7 Eagle
- N7 Crusader
- N7 Hurricane
- N7 Valiant

- SMG Scope
- SMG Magazine Upgrade
- SMG Heat Sink
- Pistol Scope
- Pistol Magazine Upgrade
- Pistol High-Caliber Barrel
- Assault Rifle Percision Scope
- Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade
- Assault Rifle Stability Damper
- Sniper Rifle Spare Thermal Clip
- Shotgun Smart Choke
- Shotgun High Caliber Barrel
- Shotgun Blade Attachment

- SMG Ultralight Materials
- SMG High Caliber Barrel
- Pistol Piercing Mod
- Pistol Melee Stunner
- Assault Rifle Piercing Mod
- Assault Rifle Extended Barrel
- Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel
- Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope
- Sniper Rifle Piercing Mod
- Shotgun Shredder Mod
- Shotgun Spare Thermal Clip

-Human Male Adept
-Human Female Adept
-Human Male Soldier
-Human Female Soldier
-Human Male Engineer
-Human Female Engineer
-Human Male Sentinel
-Human Female Sentinel
-Human Male Infiltrator
-Human Female Infiltrator
-Human Male Vanguard
-Human Female Vanguard

- Turian Soldier
- Salarian Engineer
- Turian Sentinel
- Quarian Infiltrator
- Asari Vanguard
- Drell Adept

- Asari Adept
- Krogan Soldier
- Krogan Sentinel
- Quarian Engineer
- Salarian Infiltrator
- Drell Vanguard

EQUIPMENT UPGRADES (III max up to V total)
Cobra Missile Launcher
Thermal Clip Pack
Ops Survival Pack

Special thanks to @-Tal for putting together an awesome OP.
OP Shamelessly stolen from @jdarksun who stole it from @forar who stole it from @jdarksun who stole it from @-Tal

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  • Blood DriveBlood Drive Registered User regular

  • ForarForar #432 Toronto, Ontario, CanadaRegistered User regular

  • BobbleBobble Registered User regular

    Not now, I've got some calibrations to do.

  • Blood DriveBlood Drive Registered User regular
    I'm telling you now, throw the machine out the airlock. You cannot trust it.

  • ShenShen Go placidly amid the noise and haste Registered User regular
    It's a shame ME3 doesn't have many (if any) references to the dossiers in LotSB. Like when Shep asks if Garrus still has any family on Palaven and he's all "Yeah, my dad and my sister" I was all D:

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  • BasilBasil Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Ashley really let herself go since two.

    Basil on
  • Professor PhobosProfessor Phobos Registered User regular
    I want to have a MP character that uses the Falcon. What class/build should I use to make the most use out of that weapon.

  • Blood DriveBlood Drive Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    I want to have a MP character that uses the Falcon. What class/build should I use to make the most use out of that weapon.

    Human soldier is the only whos going to get any extra oomph out of the thing using adrenalin rush.. Although Turians get rifle weight reduction at the end of one of their tree's. Their is just not a whole lot of choice with that mechanics of the Falcon.

    Blood Drive on
  • KlykaKlyka DO you have any SPARE BATTERIES?Registered User regular
    Re-using the same old OP?

    You are as bad as Bioware.

    SC2 EU ID Klyka.110
  • CouscousCouscous Registered User regular
    How am I supposed to get Bring Down the Sky if I registered it years ago and no longer have the key for Bring Down the Sky?

  • BobbleBobble Registered User regular
    Klyka wrote: »
    Re-using the same old OP?

    You are as bad as Bioware.

    Whatever, this thread will be amazing until halfway thru page 100.

  • Blood DriveBlood Drive Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Couscous wrote: »
    How am I supposed to get Bring Down the Sky if I registered it years ago and no longer have the key for Bring Down the Sky?

    Should just be able to download it from the bioware social site somewhere on the account you used to register Bring Down the Sky. Also origin is offering to download it for me directly.

    Blood Drive on
  • Blood DriveBlood Drive Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    And... ignore this post. Don't know what the heck i just did.

    Blood Drive on
  • MelokuMeloku Ask me about my Illusions Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Couscous wrote: »
    How am I supposed to get Bring Down the Sky if I registered it years ago and no longer have the key for Bring Down the Sky?

    There's a universal key... somewhere, which should work (3FLL-43UU-JTN8-W8EX-25J3) here

    Meloku on
  • Blackbird SR-71CBlackbird SR-71C GermanyRegistered User regular
    Is today patch day again? The last three patches have been always one week apart.

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    Origin ID: SR71C_Blackbird

  • BobbleBobble Registered User regular
    Is today patch day again? The last three patches have been always one week apart.

    I think Tuesday is kind of the universal 'patch day'

  • ShimshaiShimshai Feeling flushed Registered User regular
    I assume it patches automatically on Origin? I haven't noticed it doing so yet.

    Steam/Origin: Shimshai

  • NeliNeli Registered User regular
    Errand Shepard is losing it


    I have stared into Satan's asshole, and it fucking winked at me.
  • OrcaOrca Registered User regular
    It seems like it's all server-side or something?

    evilthecat wrote: »
    "Bioware I want to suck on your teets of gamingness".

    The 2012 issue of Fornax. | Steam and Origin: Espressosaurus
  • SanderJKSanderJK Crocodylus Pontifex Sinterklasicus Madrid, 3000 ADRegistered User regular
    I changed from the N7 pistol the Disciple on my Asari Adept. Sure I pay a bit in cooldown, but the guaranteed stagger even on a bodyshot is so great.

    Steam: SanderJK Origin: SanderJK
  • lu tzelu tze Registered User
    Forar wrote: »

    World's best janitor
  • JoolanderJoolander The Most Handsome / Best Pilot of the Bunch Registered User regular
    so uh

    whats Operation Beachhead?

  • ForarForar #432 Toronto, Ontario, CanadaRegistered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Bobble wrote: »
    Klyka wrote: »
    Re-using the same old OP?

    You are as bad as Bioware.

    Whatever, this thread will be amazing until halfway thru page 100.

    I'd be strangely comfortable with that.


    So I gave the Phaeston and the Geth Plasma Rifle a shot last night. I think the former is a level 1 and the latter is a level 3? Granted, both were on level 1 characters, so the deck was a little stacked against them being incredible, but both experiences left me very underwhelmed. I had to stay on target for what felt like forever to put a dent in anything.

    Which led to a funny moment where I joined a Bronze match with 3 players, all the others between 14 and 20. Half way through the match, the leader leaves, causing a reset, and another player bolts as well. I figure, fuck it, if we die quickly at least I get *some* exp and credits out of it.

    But no. The high teens (I think) player and my level 1 with a shitty weapon go all the way to extraction. Only costs like 2 missiles total, and didn't even take all that long. They were damned good, and I just did my best to follow them, keep weak shit from sneaking up on them, and not die/be dead weight. Even picked 'em up a couple times when things got hairy. There was one hacking wave that was pretty intense, with turrets providing overlapping fields of fire while we slowly picked our way out of the clusterfuck the map had become.

    Basically, just had to give the game a bit of a handicap and it was pretty badass, even for Bronze.
    lu tze wrote: »
    Forar wrote: »

    Even the 'testicularly gifted' need love too.
    Joolander wrote: »
    so uh

    whats Operation Beachhead?

    We don't know yet. If it's anything like previous weeks, I think we'll find out today or tomorrow? They generally let us know by mid week.

    Forar on
  • OptimusZedOptimusZed Registered User regular
    I was really underwhelmed by the Phaeston. Scoped it's not so bad, but you have to pound on even trash mobs for a couple of seconds to put them down.

    We're reading Rifts. You should too. You know you want to. Now With Ninjas!

    2018 Motherfucker; What Are You Doing For It?
  • NeliNeli Registered User regular
    if Beachhead is a DLC it might feature the fight on Earth

    I have stared into Satan's asshole, and it fucking winked at me.
  • TTODewbackTTODewback Sweet as Southern Tea Alabama, USARegistered User regular
    Most of the assault rifles are underwhelming to me. I mainly just use them for variety purposes. (That and I felt obligated to since I got 5 vindicator unlocks in 5 packs. It's like the game was saying "Use it motherfuckerrr!")

    Bless your heart.
  • ForarForar #432 Toronto, Ontario, CanadaRegistered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Actually, I stand corrected; we might not find out until later in the week what the specifics are, at least officially. If I recall correctly, there's usually an early leak hinting at what's to come, but the official notifications have been as follows;

    Goliath: Fri March 16th.
    Fortress: Fri March 23rd.
    Raptor: Wed March 28th.

    I wonder if they didn't just break their usual friday announcements to account for giving people extra time to have characters promote worthy, so while we might get rumours or leaked info in the next few days, the actual blog posts seem to crop up on the Friday a given event begins.

    Personally I hope they keep announcing them early. It's nice to know what the objective will be ahead of time.

    Edit: @Tejs Good to know, I'll give that a shot sometime.

    Forar on
  • TejsTejs Registered User regular
    Phaeston is the perfect weapon for Turian Soldier Marksman. With the accuracy and kickback reduction improvements and mods, the thing basically turns into a super accurate death beam against enemies, at least on Silver. I found it to be highly effective.

    Way better than the Revenant with the right mods. The spread on the revenant is just too much. With Marksman, I could ping enemies all the way across the map with the Phaeston. This isnt surprising though when you realize the phaeston says it's made by Turians.

  • Spicy_RevSpicy_Rev Registered User regular
    Played Gold last night for the first time with someone I met through the board here (bhdavis?) and my solider did his best but I didn't quite have the right approach or punch to be that helpful. Against Cerberus, I was an ace using my widow to mailslot and Ad Rush to pump hundreds of rounds into every Atlas on screen, but against the Reapers, I felt useless.

    I get the love for the Revenant though. I through the stability mod on, hit cover, and became a bullet hose.

  • CouscousCouscous Registered User regular
    Great. Now ME1 won't run. It should meet all the requirements. I'm running it as administrator and whatnot, but it won't do anything after I click play on the menu.

  • SorceSorce Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Looking at that the list of everything, I think it's time to start buying Veteran packs. Darn, I loved just dropping 25k on Recruit stuff to level out characters and guns (and getting Medigel).

    Beachhead is probably a Gold-related mission, a speed run, or maybe tech/biotic explosion kills? No idea how they'd track the last one though.

    Sorce on
    Backloggery. Now updated to be accurate for the Summer Sale! Again!
  • TejsTejs Registered User regular
    Also, I tried out Shotgunfiltrator last night with a Claymore III in Bronze with my Human Female Infiltrator.

    LOLZ - I've never had so much fun playing something. Basically, cloak up, run to find where the Reapers are spawning, throw a Sticky Grenade and then Cloak Shotgun and it's just mass death.

    The build probably sucks on Silver (and most assuredly on Gold), but it's hilarious fun on Bronze. Every once in a while, you need to step back and enjoy some of the multiplayer instead of farming for spectre packs.

    Walk right up to a fully shielded and healthy Marauder and one shot him with a massive shotgun blast. Takes 4 shots it seems to take down a fully shielded Geth Prime.

  • Blood DriveBlood Drive Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    As far as rifles are concerned only one has captured my interest and that's my freshly minted N7 version I received last night. It has a low fire rate but hits nice and hard, it also feels like you are lumbering around the map as a tank. Its also perfectly accurate for the first shot as long as your in cover at least on my turian soldier. The only real draw backs are weight and massive recoil issues that might be corrected with the recoil mod. Ill have to check that out tonight. That and respec my turian soldier to actually use the 30% weight reduction. I might finally have a soldier class that's fun to play with an actual rifle!

    Blood Drive on
  • tbloxhamtbloxham Registered User regular
    Shouldn't we have had a DLC announcement by now? I thought the 'clarifications' were going to be talked about at the start of April.

    Your puny weapons are useless against me
  • NeliNeli Registered User regular
    We're still at the start of april for a few more days

    I have stared into Satan's asshole, and it fucking winked at me.
  • EnderEnder Registered User regular
    Did we ever hear how we did on Op: Raptor?

    eahenryii wrote: »

    i've resorted to reading your posts in William Shatner's voice.

    I am now using the Christopher Walken voice.
  • AstaleAstale Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    I fully expect it to be announced in the last week. Because I have very very rarely seen a company say "we're doing it in X" and then it be X the second or something. Hell I've very rarely seen a person do that either.

    Astale on
    Alistair wrote: »
    I use Dog as a cover for when I put dead animals in Morrigan's underthings
  • PierceNeckPierceNeck Simi Valley, CARegistered User regular
    Ok, I didn't really like shotgun sneak attack infiltrator.

    But that's probably because the only decent shotguns I have are lvl1, and super heavy. Thus killing my cooldowns. So not only do I have to wait forever for cloaking, but I also can't really burst things down like I think I should be for the playstyle.

    I did enjoy sniping, but I have the shitty common sniper rifle with 1 shot before reloading.

    Origin: PierceNeck
  • Warlock82Warlock82 Never pet a burning dog Registered User regular
    Ender wrote: »
    Did we ever hear how we did on Op: Raptor?

    We won

    Wii U: Warlock | 3DS: 4983-4927-6699 | Steam: warlock82 | PSN: Warlock2282
  • DracomicronDracomicron Registered User regular
    I'm holding off playing through ME3 with any of my other career files until at least the ME1 face import bug has been resolved. I was actually pretty satisfied with my Paragon Femshep's face, because I think I actually improved/updated her while retaining her "soul". I don't think I could do the same with my Renegade Manshep, because he's a lot harder core of a motherfucker than the first character was; I'm not sure I can re-convey his flinty bastardry again.

    Luckily, mutiplayer is still fun, even if I got a Falcon upgrade as the rare in fully 50% of my Spectre packs. I can wait for Bioware to get its shit sorted.

    Gary Gygax wrote:
    ''The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don't need any rules.''
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