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toy shotgun from the 90's?

zildjianzildjian Registered User
edited April 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
hey guys,

i really need help! I'm having so much trouble finding pictures and the name of this toy gun i had as a kid and it;s killing me, because every time i describe it every one remembers it but can't find pictures of it of what it was called.

It's a shotgun that ejected shells! im not sure if it was a pistol grip gun, or pump shotgun. but the gun was a gray color with blue Parts. i think like blue grip and fore grip. i can't remember exactly. but it had gray shells that you add and every time you pump it, it would eject a shell! it was the coolest thing to me. and now since im into firearms i want to find and track down this toy gun i had as a kid and own one! i was born in 1988 and had it growing up when i was 5yrs+

any help would be awesome!

Thank you guys!



  • tech_huntertech_hunter Registered User regular
    edited April 2012

    Was it this?

    tech_hunter on
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  • MetroidZoidMetroidZoid Registered User regular
    I have that, seen them and variations at Grocery Outlet and other discount stores.

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  • MrDelishMrDelish Registered User regular
    I'm not sure about your gun from the 90s, but you could get an airsoft shotgun: http://www.amazon.com/Double-Eagle-Airsoft-ShotGun-385-FPS/dp/B004B203H8/ref=pd_sbs_sg_2

    It even has the bonus of being able to shoot a pellet at your friends or yard pests!

  • zildjianzildjian Registered User
    No that's not it, but I really appreciate your help!!!

  • zildjianzildjian Registered User
    It's confimed that it was Gray with blue parts. Anyone have any idea what it could be? It was most likely bought at Toys R Us in the 90s. Is there any site that has Toys R Us toy gun list from the 90s?


  • zildjianzildjian Registered User
    Any one else have any ideas?

  • jkruse05jkruse05 Registered User
    ngbbs4b35bcf72a8c8.jpg Kinda like that? Failing that, what kind of shotgun was it? Pump, break open, lever? Was it a bit cartoony or realistic?

  • AthenorAthenor Registered User regular
    That Double-shot can seriously eject the shells out the back.. at least before the springs start going.

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