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[PRIME] PAX Prime 2012 Attendees Map AND Where You're From Discussion

zerzhulzerzhul Old GeneralRegistered User, Moderator mod
edited September 2012 in PAX Prime

As @Moe Fwacky has done in the past, I have set up a map for us to put our points on and discuss where we are from.


Currently the Furthest Person From PAX(as of 2012-05-03 at 2349 EDT): @ArcticLizard at 8,187.13 miles

Things that I added for this map that weren't there before:
1) there's now an icon when you click on someone's placemark that is associated with their chosen means of travel
2) there's now a calculated straight line distance from PAX Prime in each placemark

For checking in your area: If people are in the same place very close to one another they sometimes get put on top of one another. Click on your own placemark and see if there is a "1 of X" with an arrow in the bottom right corner of the popup. This means there is more than one placemark on top of each other in that spot. Click the arrow to cycle through them to find people REALLY close to you!

To get a placemark added to the map
0) Check the map to make sure you aren't already on there! Many people submit early and then forget about it.. then they submit again closer to the show ;)
1) GO HERE: and get the latitude and longitude of where you want your marker to go. You do this by dragging the map around. The crosshairs in the middle indicate from where the Lat/Long is being derived. It's dirt simple, thankfully.
2) Copy the decimal Lat/Long somewhere, or write it down. Make sure you include any minus signs that may be present... this matters A LOT.
3) please submit this handy dandy google form. I'll be compiling the submissions about once per week into the map itself.

We're doing it this way because in the last two maps, many people couldn't add their own placemarks in a collaborative map without accidentally moving around other people's placemarks. This is the best way to ensure we still get a high quality map and that things don't accidentally get moved around. It worked great for East, and I think it will work great again for Prime.

I'm currently residing in Rochester NY (and trying to leave), where taxes are stupidly high but it's great wine and apple country. We also have some of the best wing joints in the country. Now it's your turn.

Moe Fwacky on


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