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Otakon, anyone?

TxdoHawkTxdoHawk Registered User
edited July 2007 in Social Entropy++
So, after years of my Pennsylvania social circle trying to get me to go, I am finally hitting Otakon this year. I've been to plenty of conventions, but an anime con with 20,000+ people is a certainly little different compared to the tiny gaming conventions I usually hit.

While searching for a duplicate topic, I noticed some of you have gone before, so I'm looking for recommendations on panels to hit, etc...since the musical guests aren't really up my alley this year, I get the feeling I will need to fill some space. The official forum was pretty much no help, a bunch of ZOMG YOU WILL HAVE SUCH A GREAT TIME ^_^ but no helpful advice on what's worth seeing.

tl;dr: Lol animu, what's worth checking out at Otakon?

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