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Always hungry, turns into 80's music references

JimothyJimothy Not in front of the foxhe's with the owlRegistered User regular
edited November 2007 in Singularity Engine++
Why do people in my building not get hungry? Every night around 10 I find that I am suddenly starving. You can imagine that I run out of whatever food I have almost immediately, so I find myself spending a lot more money than I want to.

And so I've just ordered a small pizza by myself because no one wanted to go in on a large with me. This is much more expensive than it would be if someone else were hungry.

To top it off, I am never full anymore. Ever. On Tuesday I had a footlong and a cookie from Subway for lunch, but I was still starving, so I used my meal plan to buy this chicken wrap thing, and I was still hungry.

This thread is for complaining about people who will not go in on a pizza with you, or about the problem of hunger in general. Not world hunger, personal hunger. The important kind.

Alternate topic: Complain about something equally trivial.

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