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Forums loading slowly?

BahamutZEROBahamutZERO Space is the PlaceRegistered User regular
I've been getting intermittent problems trying to load pages on the forum for a few days now, maybe a week or two, can't remember when it started exactly.

Sometimes when I try to load a page and it just sits for a while, feels like a minute or two although I haven't remembered to time it, then loads and works normally again for a while. The front page isn't affected, and I think the forum index works too. But if I try to go from the forum index into a forum or thread while the problem is happening it doesn't load until the whole thing starts working again. I haven't noticed it happening more or less at any particular time of the day, but haven't payed much attention to that. This problem crops up for me multiple times per day.

It's become annoying enough that I thought I should mention it and see if it's happening to anyone else.

edit: Just happened at around 12:32-33 PM pacific time, and I clocked it at about 25-30 seconds.

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