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Amazon voting deals

werehippywerehippy Registered User regular
edited November 2007 in Games and Technology
It's the holidays, so that means a return of the Amazon customer vote.

The basic idea is Amazon offers insane deals on 3 items, with quantities of 1000 each, and leaves a poll online for a week. At the end of the week 1000 random people who voted for the winning item are given the opportunity to buy the item at the deal price, and 1000 people from each of the losing groups are given the opportunity to buy the item they voted for at a lesser, but still steep, discount.

Some people might remember the fantastic deal Amazon offered in their first vote last year, a $99 core X-Box 360. That's back (this time the Arcade version), with the kicker that the other two items are a $79 Wii and a $139 PS3 (40Gb).

The current results are 55% Wii, 32% PS3, and 13% 360.

So here's a chance to get a dirt cheap Wii, or a large discount on one of the other two systems. Vote away, and good luck come drawing time.

EDIT: This is only the first round of voting. There are six categories along the tp of the page. Each has three different items, different quantities, and a different end date. You can vote in all of them now, but you can't change your vote once it's cast.

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