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Let's Play - The Daikatana Demo!

EinhanderEinhander __BANNED USERS
edited January 2008 in Games and Technology

Ok! So I've heard all this hullabaloo over this game Daikatana. So everyone says it's bad. Well I figure I should find out for myself because I don't like to let other people form my opinions. It helps that I also have an unquenchable thirst for John Romero's semen. I mean, GameSpy gave it a 74/100, and a German game site called PC Player (who gave it a 76/100) had this to say:
Was lange währt, wird endlich - mittelprächtig. Trotz interessanter Einfälle und einer rasanten Hatz durch die Zeit ist Daikatana nicht der angekündigte Knaller.
so it can't be that bad, can it?

First of all, let's check the minimum system requirements:

Pentium 266
4 MB Open GL compliant Video Card

Ok, I've got a Pentium 3 clocked at 500MHz, 384MB RAM, and a 16MB ATi Rage! II, so I should be set!

Also, while I was poking around in the FAQs at, I found this:
6. Why should I host a dedicated server?
Why not? If you've got the bandwidth, and you've got the machine that can handle it, you should most definitely host yourself a server. It's a win/win situation. The community wins because there is another place to play Daikatana online, and you win with the ladies, since no fine woman can resist a pick-up line like, "Hey...did I mention I run my own Daikatana dedicated server? Wanna see?"

Man oh man! I have got to play this game!

Ok, so I download the demo (at a hefty 104MB), and start the installer. Immediately, I see this:


Oh John Romero I am so ready!

Ok, we're installing! I am so excited!

What shit is this fuck?! I want to play Daikatana! God damn it John Romero you've screwed me again!

(The saddest part is this was really supposed to be a serious let's play for the Daikatana demo)

Einhander on


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