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Spore's release date announced: September 08

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edited June 2008 in Games and Technology
Hi, I’m Will Wright and I’m working on a new game called Spore™. You’ve heard of it? Oh, that’s right, you signed up to get the Official Spore Newsletter. According to my notes, we haven’t sent a single newsletter out. Maybe that’s why I’ve been hearing from so many fans wanting some new information on Spore.

While we finish up the game over the next few months, we’ll be sharing more information with you and other fans. As a newsletter subscriber, you’ll be among the first to get new Spore information, screenshots, videos and other cool features from the Spore team. Check out our launch date teaser, and of course you can visit for updates anytime.

Thanks again. You’ll hear from us soon.

I don't see the actual date posted anywhere yet, though...

edit1: o, September. /goes back to twiddling thumbs

edit2: what's with his smile in that email announcement? He looks like a little critter himself :P

edit2b: OP sucks, thread sucks.

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