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Nerf still awesome even today! (NSF56k)

bloodyroarxxbloodyroarxx Registered User regular
edited February 2009 in Singularity Engine++
Kids fucking love Nerf guns and Nerf keeps putting them out. Lets take a trip down memory lane

Everyone remembers this badboy, this was the one that started it all.

then we went into things like this the ballzooka which were awesome, easy to use and very rapid firing rates.

The Nerf action line was fucking awesome it gave us shit like the Sneakshot which could shoot around corners

it also gave us the Razorbeat which while was an awesome crank operated belt fed chaingun it always was impossible to crank for any average 10 year old

Years passed and nothing really awesome came out then came this:

The Maverick - Easy to use cheap and VERY effective, it also didn't hurt that was was showcased in a PA comic it also got a recent redesign (the yellow one)

around the same time as the Maverick came the Longshot which was awesome because it was a bolt action clip fed sniper rifle with a built in bipod and then it even could separate into 2 guns, seriously how awesome was that!

Now comes this:Nerf_N-Strike_Vulcan_270x236.JPG

The Nerf Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 its a BELT FED (25 shots) battery operated (6 D-cells) pivoting tripod mounted chain gun like seriously this is fucking amazing and all for only 40$

like its fucking huge look at this shit


More info in the spoiler
Hasbro also showed off the Nerf Vulcan EBF-25. While it doesn't double as a Wii accessory, the Vulcan stood out as one of the most extreme examples of Nerf warfare yet. The Vulcan is a tripod-mounted, motorized Nerf machine gun that uses an ammo belt and storage box to fire up to 25 Nerf darts without reloading. It runs on 6 'D' batteries, and also features an N-strike clip for using additional tactical lights, scopes, or sights. The Vulcan already seems like a fearsome Nerf gun, but its motorized system and pivoting tripod practically beg for some enterprising toy modder to drill, cut, and solder on some servo motors and make their very own Nerf sentry turret. The Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 ships in Fall 2008, with a retail price of $40.

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