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So what should I LP next?

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[Insert 'Mori never finishes LP threads' joke here]

Lately I've been feeling the itch to play through a game. Of course I would post screenshots here and turn it into an ill-fated LP.

Anyway, I figure I'll ask you dudes. Here are the games I have in mind:

- Would be cool. I'd prefer to do it in a more serious fashion than most LPs. Traversing the wastes is serious business, after all.

Wizardry 8 - this game appeals to me because you create six characters and give them a unique personality/voice. That means, yes, forumer characters.

Baldur's Gate
- the beginnings of what might be an epic undertaking. I would intend to play through BG1, Tales Of The Sword Coast, BG2, and Throne of Bhaal. To say this would be a long road is a total understatement.

Icewind Dale - This is an Infinity Engine game that's heavy on combat, but light on story. However, it does allow you to make your own party! No IWD2, though, that game was apparently dog balls.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Hesitant on this one, really, mainly because I really dislike the leveling system and would not like to mod it to hell and back. Plus, it'd be best done as a video LP, and I know most people like to read through my threads at work.

Those are your choices.

Also, could a mod poll this with the choices? Please?

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