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The muggening

BelruelBelruel nawRegistered User regular
edited June 2008 in Singularity Engine++
My mom went to vegas this weekend to visit with her sisters, and as she was on her way back she stopped at an albertson's to get some ice for her icechest. It was about noon, broad daylight, right out front of the grocery store, and this homeless guy hopped up on drugs and drunk as can be charges her flailing his arms yelling 'I WANT MONEY' and punches her right on the jaw.

Three gay fellows saw this, and the muscular one punched the homeless guy off my mom to the ground, then held him to the hot cement with his foot pressed against the back of his neck. One of the other guys started soothing my mom giving her hugs and telling her she'd be ok, while the third ran to get security in albertson's.

my poor mom's jaw is all swollen and she's all shaken up. i am really curious now as to how common this sort of thing is, and also pretty thankful those fellows were there to help her.

so have any of you homps been mugged before? have you saved any middle aged women from being mugged? maybe you have mugged old women for a quick lump of cash? maybe you're a heroic gay dude; who knows!

tl;dr: my mom got mugged by a homeless dude and saved by three gays

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