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Diablo 2/3 thread PLAY WITH US PIP!

Dr.FunkensteinDr.Funkenstein Registered User regular
edited July 2008 in Singularity Engine++
So in about an hour and a half Blizzard will be having a Worldwide Invitational in France.

You can get a download for a live stream of it here

Now why would it be important you say?

Well for a a couple days the main blizzard site would open with a strange image of ice. Now over the past few days the image would be updated with detail like the face in the center and familar symbols from the many games Blizzard has made surrounded around the ice. Some people think this this is a promotion for the new WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King, some think its a promotion for Starcraft 2, some think its for a completely new game that has yet to be announced. Some have been speculating it being anywhere from Diablo 3 to a Starcraft MMO to a new IP. Well whatever it is its supposed to be announced at the Invitational today.

So I ask you members of SE++, what do you think it will be?

Also at the same time pieces of an image was put up every few days as well. This is what it became:

Update: Well turns out its Diablo 3 and if you ask me I'm so happy it is. Looks like an amazing game and a definite buy. Dont believe me? Well then see for yourself

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