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Goozex thread: free game no longer avaliable, also: European network starting up

DaedalusDaedalus Registered User regular
edited July 2009 in Games and Technology
Goozex is a trading service where there is one currency "points", and one trade good: games. You get points when you send out games, you can spend these points on games. (There's a one dollar fee when you recieve a game, called a "trade credit", but the first hit is free). You can also buy points if you need a few extra: 100 points cost five dollars.

They used to give away a free 100 points (which was enough to get a cheap game) to every new sign-up, but they stopped doing that on February 14th. It's still a very useful service and I strongly encourage anyone to sign up anyway if you want to turn games you don't play into games you haven't played yet without getting ripped off by GameStop.

Also, if you use someone's referral link, they get 100 free points and a free trade credit whenever you finish your first trade. This explains everyone's signature: I put my referral link in my sig (or rather, I did back when they were giving free games away), and so do lots of other people. Use any of them, not just mine (although, y'know, some people can use mine, I'm just saying). Just don't do it without using a referral link; this is the closest thing to letting someone else get free money.

Oh, and they started up a European network at goozex.eu. I don't think the system allows trades between users in Europe and users in America, which is good, I guess, what with high shipping costs, region locking, etc.

Dos and don'ts if you decide to use the service:

Do ship through USPS First Class mail: it should cost around $2 per game you send.
Do use delivery confirmation so the recipient can't lie about not getting your game. You can use the paypal shipping thingamabob to get delivery confirmation even cheaper, but you need to know the exact weight of your package to do so, so you might still be better off going to the post office.
Do give feedback promptly after getting your game.
Do e-mail feedback@goozex.com if someone tries to scam you; they're very responsive on this.

Don't use the folded piece of paper they call the Goozex Mailer; your game will break in the mail and you will recieve negative feedback.
Don't ever accept a trade cancellation, under any circumstances, if you already put the game in the mail.
Don't make more than one account with the same address; they'll catch you and ban you.
Don't worry if you don't get positive feedback right away: if the reciever never gives out feedback it will automatically become positive feedback after 21 days.
Don't, and this should be obvious, give positive feedback before you recieve and test the game.

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