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Bye Bye Bernie

Dr.FunkensteinDr.Funkenstein Registered User regular
edited August 2008 in Singularity Engine++

Today comedian Bernie Mac has died at the age of 50

From Wikipedia
Bernie Mac was hospitalized with pneumonia on August 1, 2008. Soon after, rumors of his demise had circulated, but were denied by his publicist. On August 2, 2008, a source close to the family said that Mac was in "very, very critical" condition.[4] He was recovering from pneumonia, most likely brought on by his sarcoidosis, in a Chicago hospital. His publicist, Danica Smith, said that he was expected to make a full recovery and that he was responding well to treatment.[5]

Various rumors and hoaxes circulated about his death on August 2nd 2008 and August 5th 2008.

Then, on August 9, 2008, it was reported by the Chicago Sun-Times that Bernie Mac had died due to complications from his condition.

"Comedian Bernie Mac died at Northwestern Memorial Hospital early Saturday morning, according to Sun-Times Columnist, Stella Foster. He was 50. Though the cause of death has not been confirmed, Mac had been hospitalized recently for pneumonia. Foster said that she received calls early Saturday morning from a close friend of the Mac family, confirming the reports of Mac's death."

He starred in many movies like Transformers and the Ocean series. He also had his own show for a while called the Bernie Mac Show. He was a funny man and he will be missed

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