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the hip hop thread

Mister LongbaughMister Longbaugh Registered User regular
edited September 2008 in Singularity Engine++
so right now i'm listening to atmosphere's latest album.


it is pretty great. probably the best hip hop group to come out of minneapolis.

also been listening to some older stuff. talib kweli's album The Beautiful Struggle is quality.


and of course i've always got mos def in my playlist somewhere.

hey look my old av.

when you mix those two, you get the combined might of black star.


their debut, and to date only, album is arguably some of the best hip hop to come out in the last 20 years and probably continues to influence other artists to this day. i don't know i'm just assuming that part but whatever. talib swears up and down that there's going to be another black star album but we shall see.

other stand out MCs include Lupe Fiasco


his shit is pretty hot. it's especially impressive considering he broke into the mainstream in a big way in this day and age of Crank Dat tearing up the charts. his second album, The Cool, is great, but i'm a bigger fan of his first record. i love that old school hip hop flavor. i'm gay for samples, i guess. also he's a muslim or something.



he's from canada and is continuing the proud tradition of the white man stealing the black man's thunder. and jesus look at those eyebrows.

so what records you got spinnin. what do you like to pop yo colla and dust yo shoulda to? i'm always looking for new stuff. i usually end up liking the MCs that aren't signed to major labels (with the exception of mos def, talib and lupe, obviously). they're good because they haven't sold out yet, right?

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