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Who doesn't like a good prank. What are your best pranks?

Back in the dorms, we had a communal bathroom on our floor. One day I was at the cafeteria and found some chopped up hard-boiled eggs. I put them in a container and went back to the bathroom and placed them inside the heater. The whole floor smelled like rotten eggs for 2 days before I finally got sick of it myself, and took them out. They were pink.

Also, I do a really convincing black lady voice, so I called up a friend of mine who I knew hadn't driven her car in a week, during a snow storm, and pretended to be the campus police. I informed her she had by next week to pay the 3 tickets that were on her car, or else it would be towed. She spent 30 minutes in a blizzard wiping her car off and looking for the tickets before she realized there weren't any.

When I was 11 or so, a couple of friends played a joke on a semi-retarded kid down the street. We pretended we had all died, and he was the only one who could see our ghosts. We convinced him we were down a well, or something and he needed to find our bodies. He believed it for longer than you'd think.

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