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[WAR] CE Headstart Now! SE the 16th, launch 18th.

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Penny Arcade currently has two active guilds:

Candymancers on Order, a nascent pack of Sigmar-fondlers, pretenders to the Phoenix Crown, and stunties. ON AVERHEIM
The Six Mouths on Destruction, a useless mob of ne'er-do-wells and vile miscreants. ON ULTHUAN

/who candymancers or /who the six mouths to find a member and ask to join or /chan candymancers or /chan TSM and a guild representative will be right with you!

If your Target-purchased Beta code is being rejected by the beta registration site try changing the os Os and 0s to Qs. It may have been a misprint

Server List at bottom of OP.


That should be all we need in way of introduction, at this point.

For those interested in playing, important dates are:

- September 6th: Preview Weekend+ A head start for those in the last one for Open Beta
- September 7th: Open Beta begins. This will be available to all preorders.
- September 14th or 15th: Headstart begins for preorder customers. CE preorders will likely be a day or so earlier.
- September 18th: WAR is released.


For more information, watch the podcasts.

For PA impressions, and whatnot, check out the WAR FAQ thread.

Adding this by request, and because it's generally kickass and useful.
Akira wrote: »
Alright since this seems to bring up a lot of questions I have compiled an FAQ and location guide for the first two tiers of Renown gear.

Renown Gear and You: What is it and where do I get it?

"Renown Gear" is armor and weapons you can buy from certain vendors that has both a level and Renown rank requirement, usually the Renown rank requirement is about 2/3rds of your actual level (so it would take level 9 and Renown rank 6 for example). Also, as of September 7th, some T2 Renown gear has the wrong stats (the Magus at least) and this will presumably be fixed in the future (hopefully soon). The 10/6 gear from the last preview weekend is gone, it was intended for use in an old test phase and was left in accidentally. Similar gear is available now from 11/7 to 16/11

Where to get it:

The first number refers to level requirement, the second is Renown rank requirement (i.e. 11/7 means you need level 11 and Renown rank 7). The "sets" aren't really sets and don't have bonuses or anything but they represent a loose tiering of gear. Common is "white" gear, Uncommon is "green" gear.

T1 Zones
the first "set" is sold in both the starter quest hub area and the Warcamp, while the second set is sold only at the Warcamp.

First "set"

2/1: Boots (Common)

3/2: Gloves and Accessory 1 (Common)

4/2: Belt, Accessory 2 and Weapon/Shield (Common)

5/3: Body and Accessory 3 (Common)

Second "set"

6/4: Boots (Uncommon)

7/4: Gloves and Accessory 1 (Uncommon)

8/5: Belt, Accessory 2 and Weapon/Shield (Uncommon)

9/6: Body and Accessory 3 (Uncommon)

T2 Zones
bought at the top floor of PvP area Keeps.

First "set"

11/7: Boots (Uncommon)

12/8: Gloves and Belt (Uncommon)

13/9: Shoulders and Accessory 1 (Uncommon)

14/9: Body, Accessory 2 and Weapon/Shield (Uncommon)

15/10: Accessory 3 (Uncommon)

16/11: Helm (Common)

Second "set"

16/11: Boots (Uncommon)

17/11: Gloves and Belt(Uncommon)

18/12: Shoulder and Accessory 1(Uncommon)

19/13: Helm, Accessory 2 and Weapon/Shield (Uncommon)

20/14: Body and Accessory 3 (Uncommon)

21/14: Cloak (Common)

Accualt wrote: »
Server List and Rulesets For Launch
James Nichols | From the Dev Team | 09/11/2008 @ 04:14:00 EST

Servers, servers - get'ya servers! Below you will find the server names we anticipate being available at Launch. These will begin going live Sunday, September 14th with the Collector’s Edition Head Start and will continue to roll out leading up to Launch on September 18th.

Players will be able to choose from four server types: Core, Open RvR, Roleplay, and a hybrid Roleplay/Open RvR ruleset. We will continue to open up servers supporting different server types as the need arises.

Core Ruleset

Core servers are just what you’d expect. These are servers that have everything Warhammer has to offer, with no special changes to the normal ruleset. RvR is confined to lakes and Scenarios, and there are two opposing realms engaged in the WAR. Players may only engage in Player vs. Player combat when flagged to do so in specific areas around the world. Select a Core ruleset server for the original exciting gameplay experience that WAR was designed to offer.

Open RvR Ruleset

The Open RvR servers feature RvR flagging everywhere except for the Tier 1 Chapter area and the surrounding PvE content. Once players leave this area, they will be flagged for RvR anywhere in the game. Open RvR servers are perfect for those who want to add an extra challenge to their gaming experience. Players must constantly watch their backs or risk attack by enemies everywhere they go! Only members of opposing realms may attack each other; the Open RvR server still focuses on Order versus Destruction.


- Players are always RvR flagged from the moment they log in
- Chapter 1 hubs and capital cities are safe
- There is no bolster buff in RvR lakes
- Players will be chickened when entering an area that is two tiers below their level (ex. A Tier 3 player entering a Tier 1 area.)

Roleplay and Roleplay/Open RvR

Any server flagged as Roleplay will follow the same rules as above, but with an additional set of guidelines. These servers are for those players who enjoy truly immersing themselves into the Warhammer lore by acting as their characters’ personalities in-game. Players who opt to participate on a Role Playing server must agree to far more specific rules regarding naming, and it is suggested that players would adhere to WAR or high fantasy conduct and behavior.

Oceanic Server List

Darklands - Core

Ironclaw - Core

Anlec - Open RvR

Lustria - Roleplay

Lucan - Core

Marius- Core

North American Server List

Red Eye Mountain - Core

Skull Throne - Core

Badlands - Core

Sylvania - Core

Volkmar - Core

Hochland - Open RvR

Wolfenburg - Open RvR

Dark Crag - Open RvR

Phoenix Throne - Roleplay

Chaos Wastes - RP/Open RvR

Monolith - Core

Saphery - Core

Thorgrim - Core

Heldenhammer - Core

Sea of Claws - Core

Wasteland - Core

Sea of Malice - Core

Drakwald - Core

Ironfist - Core

Drifting Castle - Core

Praag - Open RvR

Wurtbad - Open RvR

Stoutheart - Open RvR

Artois - Open RvR

Southlands - Open RvR

Bugman - Open RvR

Skavenblight - Roleplay

Avelorn - Roleplay

Tower of Doom - RP/Open RvR

Vaul's Anvil - RP/Open RvR

Great webpage with Maps.

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