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Where to stay in NYC

GrundlterrorGrundlterror Registered User regular
edited September 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
So, my friends and I just arrived in New York City today and we pretty much flew in not having a place to stay. We have a few friends here, but everyone has too many roommates/not enough space/other people already staying with them to accommodate three people. No problem, my friend put in a reservation (or so we thought) for us to stay at the YMCA. Unfortunately what he put in was a request for a reservation and when we called the YMCA it was totally booked.

So right now we're staying with my Uncle on Long Island, but we'd rather not do the ~90 minute train ride on the LIRR every night we're here. Can anyone else think of other options we might have for the weekend?

edit - maybe i should also mention that we'd rather not get a hotel room if possible because of money... we're hoping for maybe about ~100 bucks a night (or less) for all 3 of us if possible.

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