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[Let's play a Game] UFO: Extraterrestrials- watch PA'ers die in droves

Phoenix-DPhoenix-D Registered User regular
edited February 2009 in Games and Technology
What the hell is UFO: Extraterrestrials? Its X-Com. In SPPPaaaaaace.

That's the short version. The long one is its an X-Com clone released last year by Chaos Concepts. The game is X-Com with updated graphics, a bigger tech-tree, and a few twists. Among them is the medical system- troopers can't die unless you lose the mission, they just become brains-in-a-can until a new body can be grown.

Fortunately its also highly modable. I use B-Man's mod, which tweaks the game play to make it more balanced, tighter, and closer to the original. No brains in a can here- you bleed out, you're dead.

The setting is also slightly different. This time, the aliens attacked later. Earth had already set up a colony out system.

But when the aliens arrived, X-Com failed. Earth is lost, and they're moving in on the colony. Now? Its up Counter Alien Forces (CAF) to eliminate the threat and re-take Earth.

And who are the CAF's noble recruits?


Welcome to Esperanza.

Nitty gritty:
This is an interactive Let's Play. I run the game, everyone's posts here determine what we research, sometimes what we attack and how the attack goes down, then I'll post a play-by-play of the carnage.

More importantly, every soldier in the game is going to be a PAer. Will Flippy's sniping carry through? Will one of the mods flip out and "ban" you all with a grenade? Which if you will channel Patrick Stewart and come through it all alive?

To get in on it, just post a request. If you want, you can specify a role (sniper, heavy weapons, grenadier, scout, medic, tanker, etc) or even a specific weapon style (like to blow shit up? That flamethrower making you drool?). It'd help if you could Mark those posts though.

When you die (everybody fights, everyone bites it) you'll get dropped to the bottom of the que, and cloned when you come back to the front. Each mission can take about 10-12 soliders along, less if someone decides to use a tank.

I'll post as often as I can, but it might be a bit infrequent at times.

Current roster:

If you want to chose a specific weapon, here's the starting equipment list:

And the Bman's settings we'll be using (this does contain some spoilers if you haven't played the game)

And last but not least, a few game differences, for the X-Com vets in the crowd:

Phoenix-D on


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