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DOUBLE XP WEEKEND - 10/30-1???: Ranked Infection (Legendary Required)

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Halo Wars Trailer
Keep It Clean

Mythic Map Pack Map names and descriptions.

The following post is filled with awesome, explosions, and images not safe for 56k connections. But you don't live in 1985 do you?


Now, onto business!

What is this Halo thing?
Halo is a game where you get to make cool explosions, and punch stoners in the face with flags. We like to play this game so we can make cool explosions and shoot people, in their faces

What does it look like? I've been blind for all my life and now I can see!
I've pooled a few sample images here, but if YOU want to be in, send me a message with the pictures.

I hear this game also has a story, what is it?
Halo 3 is the 3rd game in the Halo trilogy, where we follow Master Chief as he kicks covenant ass and chews bubblegum.

-Wait, what about that elite you had to play as in Halo 2?
First, let me finish. Who's reading who's OP now, Hmm? Anyway, Yes, the Arbiter from Halo 2 is back, and he gets to kick massive amounts of ass, just because he's voiced by Keith David
Chief01_T.gif Arbiter01_T.gif Nitro_T.gif Uzi_T.gif
Click a photo for some sort of official biography.
What is TBK?
The Bees Knees is the awkward love child spawned by the Games & Technology board and the release of Halo 2 in 2004. We now maintain a fleet of a thousand nerds ready to play games.

I want to play Halo 3 with you guys. What do I need to do?
Send a friend request to the gamertag "A TBK Clan II" or to one of the staff. Please, PLEASE note that you're from PA via text or voice so we know how to deal with you.

What are the Staff gamertags?

Active Overlords
  • Evil Badman MD
  • FyreWulff Rex
  • Thrillhizzle
Active Staff
  • Lookfreegrenade
  • Viscount02
  • Default Rance
Not as active but kept here for future use:

What is the best way to get into a game?
We're lazy. If you want to get into a party, send one of us an invite to indicate that you want in. Also, a good way to get in contact with us is through AIM. If you message Fyre (MKiddr) or me (tbkredshirt, good luck getting me to go on AIM though), we can tell you if a game is open or not, or if we're playing that night. Feel free to try and collect other TBK AIM names...

Does TBK require any sort of tryouts or some crap?
No. We do not hold tryouts. All we require of the people that play with us is that you have a passable skill at the game (ie, you know where to take a flag or a bomb) and you're not a douchebag. Trust us, we've had douchebags. They don't last long.

Ranks are my life. MLG is the greatest. Should I join TBK?
Probably not. We mostly play Social (unranked) playlist because they're awesome and because we usually have odd sized parties. Also, when it gets late, all the ranked playlists are full of level 47 assholes.

Also, you really shouldn't waste your time trying to prove MLG is great to us. We've been here 4 years. We still don't think they are the end all be all of Haloez.

What time do you guys usually play?
Late at night in North America, and into the wee morning hours if we're doing well. We play a lot more during DoubleXP weekends.

I want to play either Halo with you. What do I need to do?
For Halo 2, you need to go to Xbox Live and then Downloadable Content, and grab all the map packs. This is going to take a while. It's 551MB in total. Also because OXBox Live downloads are slow.

For Halo 3, download the free Heroic Map Pack, and you can get the free map Cold Storage too. You can also buy Legendary if you want, but it's not required to play with us. We will constantly erode you with insults for failing to purchase Legendary, though.

What do you consider cheating or unsporting?
In Halo 2, any sort of button combination is considering cheating by us (and Bungie). This includes BXR, BXB, doubleshot, etc. We also consider superbouncing to the top of maps as cheating.

In Halo 3, since there are no known exploits *knock on wood*, pretty much just don't standby, and try to avoid spawncamping too hard. Also, according to Shiska, any method of boosting is cheating.

What's with all your crazy ass lingo for maps? And why does FyreWulff keep calling out numbers as locations?
We've adopted certain phrases to make it quicker to call out locations on maps. Here is a sample of the most popular Halo 3 ones:

Numbers called out on any map refer to locations in Territory gametypes.
The reason you'll hear people calling out numbers as locations ex "Spawning at 4!" is because we're using territory locations for better precision and speed. This especially helps on Sandtrap. If you want to see where the numbers are, just go into a Territories game by yourself.

What about us hardcore halo fans, anything cool here?
Why, yes! We'll try to keep the thread up to date with all the latest news about Halo or Bungie.
Random Old News:

Assembly (Pictures from PAX)

RvB animated movie?!?

So, I was thinking earlier today about doing the G&T Secret Santa thing, but realized shortly thereafter that I really don't feel connected to the rest of the PA community the way I do toward TBK. So, to spread some Haloy joy around, I've talked with Fyre and a couple of other guys, and we've decided to put on the best event ever.

The Bees Knees Secret Holiday-Themed Elite
It's like a TBK Secret Santa.

EvilBadman on
FyreWulff wrote: »
I should note that Badman is fucking awesome
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