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Opera is some classy shit.

KhavallKhavall Registered User regular
edited November 2008 in Singularity Engine++
So Ess Eee Plus Plus, we are some classy people.

It is about time we talk about some classy shit.

So let's talk about opera.

Opera involves fat guys
and girls dressed as vikings

And instead of talking everyone sings. Sometimes in modern opera they switch it up and instead of singing everyone talks.

Some operas are by old dead guys. These operas are ok.
Like Fidelio

Some operas are by older dead guys. These operas are also ok.
Like L'Orfeo

Some operas are by old living or just barely dead operas.

These operas are the fucking bomb.
Seriously look at that. That shit will blow your fucking mind

The best opera ever is "I was Looking at the Ceiling and then I saw the sky" by John Adams.

This motherfucking shit right here

Also this motherfucking shit right here.

That is the best fucking shit you've heard all day, don't try to deny it.
Tomorrow I'll be going to basically a collection of bitching songs from bitching operas, as a voice grad student I work with is in it and is awesome.

So SE++, what do you know about opera?

What are your favorite operas?

How often do you go to see operas?

Have you ever seen operas by someone who was born after 1850? Why not? Go see one now.

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