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Well, we have had two (thoroughly abysmal) British threads lately, but not an American one. Now most of you fine forumers are American and so I guess threads about it are mostly either unnecessary or, you could say, most threads are already American. But the purpose of this thread is to be more all-encompassing, and to celebrate the every day mundane and thoroughly American things you may take for granted. Unlike the British threads, I'm not going to be negative in this OP or in any of my posts. Even if it's about raccoons, those bastards.

So, here are a list of fine American things that I like very much:

Sunshine! Okay, this is from the point of view of living in California and not a more northern state, but it is very lovely indeed to see so many blue skies in winter.

Portion sizes: Most of the time this could probably be considered a negative, especially when you're only shopping for one or two people and you need celery but then half the celery ends up wilting before you can use it all up because no matter how much you like celery you can't eat two whole celery hearts in a week and they don't sell celery in portion sizes smaller than two hearts, but when planning a party or feeding a large party it's a boon to be able to buy whole sacks of rice or 5 lb bags of flour at ridiculously low prices.

Trader Joe's: Not only do they do wonderful organic foods, but they package everything up so beautifully, and they encourage you to use your own bags, too!

Hummingbirds! Endemic to the Americas and just so adorable; it's a real treat to see them in people's gardens.

In'n'Out: If you have a craving for a fast food burger, you can't really do better than this.

[strike]Dead raccoons[/strike]

Eggnog: Mm, delicious. I mean, I sadly have to refrain from buying it because it's so terribly fattening, but it's nice to know it's there.

Sweet potatoes, squash, blueberries; all of my favourite fruit and vegetables are native to the Americas. (I am deliberately omitting the potato, because I am not really a fan. That's right; I prefer mash, roast, and chips made from sweet potato, carrot, beetroot, parsnip; anything but actual potato.)

Closets: It is so lovely having a large enough space in which to store all your clothes, towels, suitcases and boxes of personal papers even in such a tiny apartment as ours. In the UK they'd have probably tried to convert it into a bedroom or something.

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