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I'm calling in gay today

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Some same-sex marriage supporters are urging people to "call in gay" Wednesday to show how much the country relies on gays and lesbians, but others question whether it's wise to encourage skipping work given the nation's economic distress. Organizers of "Day Without a Gay" — scheduled to coincide with International Human Rights Day and modeled after similar work stoppages by Latino immigrants — also are encouraging people to perform volunteer work and refrain from spending money.

Sean Hetherington, a West Hollywood comedian and personal trainer, dreamed up the idea with his boyfriend, Aaron Hartzler, after reading online that a few angry gay-rights activists were calling for a daylong strike to protest California voters' passage last month of Proposition 8, which reversed this year's state Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage.

So apparently gays all over the nation are calling in sick for a reasonable protest of Prop 8 (though protesting a law passed by a different state seems pointless). I had the day off anyways, and kind of defeated the purpose by having heterosexual intercourse last night, but I fully support those adorable gays in their quest for being miserably married just the the rest of us.

So what say you, you glorious fgts? Going to work today?

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