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Brutal Legend: Buy it, it's awesome.

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Cantido gets massive thanks for the kickass OP. Everyone praise this wonderful man.

Tim Schafer returns to make videogames metal.


IGN -9.0 =
Eurogamer – 8/10 =

Eddie Riggs (voiced by Jack Black) is a roadie stuck assisting a band that claims to be heavy metal but sounds more like Simple Plan or something else quite gay, when he is nearly killed in an on-stage accident. When he wakes up, he finds himself in an entirely new world resembling covers of metal albums, where demons rule over humanity, the sky's color shifts brilliantly and appears scorched, and everything looks really...fucking...metal. Some evil priests have been waiting for him, draw swords and assault him. With a divine axe he found where he wakes up, and his own guitar, now a magical weapon, he sets forth in this strange world, which some would find hellish, but he admits, "is kinda badass."


The multiplayer was designed first but BEWARE, playing it actually spoils the single player story, so I'll start with the campaign.


You control Eddie Riggs in third person. The A [X] button performs melee attacks with Eddie's battle axe, The Seperator. Mash it to perform combos or hold it for an unblockable. X [square] performs magical attacks with Eddie's guitar, Clementine.

The guitar also has one more important feature. If the battlefield is safe for a moment, you can choose a guitar solo from a command wheel. After you choose one, a Guitar Hero esque sequence appears, that when performed well, unearths the land's secrets, builds structures, or unleashes flaming doom upon your enemies.

The first Solo Eddie learns reveals a car you use to traverse the land. The Deuce. A customizable vehicle which is used to plow through enemies, traverse the 64 kilometer landscape, and pick up delicious looking bitches.

You can perform the main story by itself, or explore the land, looking for sidequests, relics to raise for hidden secrets, or find other unknown ways to please the Gods, who reward Eddie with upgrades to The Deuce and his weapons. The upgrades are offered, and performed, by The Guardian of Metal (played by Ozzy Osbourne)


Let Tim Schafer put it this way...

The soundtrack is customizable. You can also adjust the way the songs play based on Faction (more on this later) or Genre. My absolute favorite metal song is in there, [Diimu Borgier - Progenies of a Great Apocalypse]. Brendon Small sneaks his brutally animated band in, and Tim Schafer would like everyone to know that he did not know the genre "Pirate Metal" existed until he developed this game.


Multiplayer Overview


These battles are called Stage Battles. Your base is a Rockstage, the resource is geysers of pure, concentrated fandom, and your goal is to destroy the opposing stage.

First, you must set forth and find the geysers, and perform the Solo "Fan Tribute," which claims the geyser as your own and sends the power of metal fans everywhere to your stage. When you have enough resources, you can use command units to be build to fight alongside you.

There are 7 maps, with different themes and amounts of resources (one has just a single geyser.)
Up to eight players for team battles, in which team players share the same amount of leadership. (Tim Schafer recommends 2 on 2.)


At this point, describing the factions spoils how the single player unfolds. There are three bands with very different themes, abilities and strengths.

Eddie Riggs metal themed faction, filled with fire, engines, machinery and Viking-ness. Single player revolves entirely around Eddie developing this faction. When Eddie claims a geyser, it becomes a Merchandising Booth!

Drowning Doom
A goth themed faction, oozing depression, dark colors and sickliness. Alone, the units are weak, but are capable of buffs and debuffs, courtesy of depressing organs and goth music, or storm clouds. You can also cast a decoy spell that looks like a real enemy vehicle on your opponent’s screen. When they claim a geyser, it becomes a Well of Tears, the source of the power, and rotted bodies and minds.

Tainted Coil
A black metal and S&M themed faction, led by the villain, Emperor Deviculous. The units are all demonic looking, with hints of S&M that hold their squishy, skinless bodies together. This is the only faction in which units can spawn other units on the field, away from your stage. The effect, however, is very grotesque. (Don't know their resource yet.)

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