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The following takes place between 5:00 pm and 6:00pm


bi·o·ter·ror·ism (bī'ō-těr'ə-rĭz'əm)
n. The use of biological agents, such as pathogenic organisms or agricultural pests, for terrorist purpose

In these post 9/11 days, our nation has been threatened by more attacks, but none have come to fruition. Until just last week.

President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, Pres. elect Obama, Vice Pres. elect Biden, 85% of the senate and the house are dead from systematic Bio terrorist attacks. A group calling themselves THE ARMS OF SHIVA have taken credit for the attacks, but government officials believe there may be other groups working against us. Now in this time of terror, the nation is facing complete extermination. Its up to the remaining members of our countries government and super agent Jack Bauer to stop this organization before America falls.

Every "Hour"(hours instead of day, get it?) you will vote in red for one player to be arrested by the government and taken out of the game. For my sake please retract in green but its not a big deal. Questions in Orange.

Hours will end at 8pm PST

The rampant use of Bioweapons has put many different micro-organisms in the environment. Some harmless some harmful. Infection will be a constant for some of you. These disease can be drastic, some can be just filler. Some can cause status effects, and some can even cause posting restrictions.

These posting restrictions are not always "on." Some may be activated on certain days or during certain times, and some may be active only a percent of the time you post.

They WILL however be important for some of the hidden mechanics of the game. It's gonna be on an honor system, so please please PLEASE follow any rules i send you. I trust you guys.

As far as your infections, I will let you know what they are and what they do, but you may not get all the facts. I mean, I have to keep some secrets for myself. I.E. If you have a question about a disease's effects or ability to spead that I haven't told you expect for me not to tell you stuff.

Also, there will be an Hour Zero.

One last thing. If you make a proboard, Invite me to it, all of them.

This is ONCE AGAIN a 35 player game

1 B:L
2 Maximus
3 Abotkin
4 Dac Vin
7 Rainfall
8 ZanDracon
11 Larka
13 lonlyahava
14 Warban
15 vertroue
17 Goose
20 CrimsonCoyote
21 WilDPantha05
22 Frostmist
23 Darian
24 Kuhlmeye
25 MacGuffin
26 Forar
29 BobCesna
30 Ohtsam
32 Devils Advocate
33 Purple Donkey
34 JaysonFour
35 Zellpher

1 Abotkin

Malkor - Jailed
TheLawinator - Scavenger Brother 1 - Caught in the Crossfire
Micro - Scavenger Brother 2 - Caught in the Crossfire
Buzz Buzz - Citizen - Eaten away from the inside
Mr. Defecation - Kim Bauer - Perpetual Victim finally takes the bullet she deserved (Sorry Mr. D)
Kime - Jailed
The Lord of Hats - Citizen - Ran from the wrong men
Wildcat - Head of the NSA Rodger Stanton - Squashed by the Arms
Rolf_Bot - Arms of Shiva Agent - Eaten from the inside out
Egos - Nina Myers - Three antrax laced bullets to the brain.

The Planet Earth

Exarch - Chang Zhi - Successfully captured Jack Bauer

The Scavangers of Desolation's Return - Killed everything on the planet
The Lawinator

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"He can drink a river of blood and not burst"..."He can swallow a desert and never thirst"


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